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2019 0 Comment bash

2019 0 Comment bash

How to add color to your bash script.
August 2, 2017May 6.

2019 0 Comment background

bash, color, echo, escape, foreground, Bash scripts are very easy way to get things automated, and there are plenty of features to interact with the 2 How to generate random password in Linux.
July 27, 2017May 6.

2019 0 Comment apg

gpg, gpw, , makepasswd, openssl, otp, passwd, pwgen, random, shuf With the growing internet and the security related issues there is always a constant need for setting a strong password 1 Universal file extraction tool in Linux.
July 26, 2017May 6.

2019 0 Comment 7z

bz2, cab, deb, gem, gz, , , lzh, lzma, pio, rar, rpm, tar, xz, zip When working with Linux there is a constant need for dealing with compressed files may it be installing new applications 2 How to navigate around directories in Linux easily.
June 15, 2017May 6, 2019 0 Comment bash, directory, dirs, folder, , navigate, popd.

Pushd If you are working in Linux

in command line interface may it be server administration or embedded Linux development, you 1 pyp – A Python Alternative to awk, sed and unix power tools.
May 31, 2017May 7.

2019 0 Comment piedpiper

pyp, Pyp pyp is a linux command line utility for text manipulation much similar to Python alternatives to awk, sed and 1 Playing with words in text file- Parse.
May 30, 2017May 7, 2019 0 Comment bash, cat, filter, parse, rev, String.

Tac When it comes to Linux

there are plenty of commands to parse the text file and provide desired result.
As 1 How to solve Memory Error during pip install.
May 28, 2017May 7.

2019 0 Comment apt

install, MemoryError, pip, solve, swap, turn off cache, turn on swap If you are trying to install a python package using pip in the embedded boards such as Raspberry Pi or 1 How to stress test your machine.
May 23, 2017May 7.

2019 codelectron 0 Comment benchmarking

burn, cpu, cycle, fft, io, , memory, network, operation, performance, spew, stress, stress-ng, utilization Getting to know how to stress test your machine is always an important thing, may it be system administration for 1 How to remove ^M characters from a file in Linux.
May 15, 2017May 7.

2019 0 Comment carriage return

cr, crtl m, dos2unix, lf, line feed Quick way to remove ^M characters from a file in Linux.
If you are opening a file in Linux which 1 How to run a command with a time limit.
May 4, 2017May 7, 2019 0 Comment The timeout command can be used to run a command with a time limit.
This can be useful when an 1 ← Previous.

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