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Welcome to Popcorn Simulator.
A game where you’ll need to collect popcorn as soon as it pops to make sure you get as many points as possible.
Popcorn Simulator includes the following features: Arcade Mode: Collect corn as soon as it pops to get more points – wait a while and the popcorn will burn, resulting in minus points!.
Collect as much as possible within 30 seconds, and share your score with friends and family to see if they can beat you!.
At the end of the 30 seconds, see the exact popcorn you collected in a bowl.
Feel your iPhone with taptic engine vibrate with every corn that pops.
Depending on the size of the pop, you’ll get a little tap, big tap, or shake of your phone!.

Automatic Mode: Watch as popcorn pops forever inside of a saucepan!

Set your device down in front of your kids and watch as they’re amazed for hours on end at the constant popping corn.
Fantastic unique features like: Real sound effects taken from directly within a saucepan as popcorn was being made.
Random popcorn sizes based on the explosion force.
You can download Popcorn Simulator on iOS and Android using the links below:   Give this a share:.

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