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– If you are a Red Hatter or a Red Hat Partner

– If you are a Red Hatter or a Red Hat Partner

, , , Scalable Infrastructure.
In a I outlined the common problems organizations face across both their traditional IT environments (sometimes called mode-1) and new emerging IT environments (sometimes called mode-2).
These included: I’d like to show you a quick demonstration of how Red Hat is delivering scalable infrastructure with the capabilities that enterprises demand.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform delivers scale-out private cloud capabilities with a stable lifecycle and large ecosystem of supported hardware platforms.
Many organizations are building their next generation cloud infrastructures on OpenStack because it provides an asynchronous architecture and is API centric allowing for greater scale and greater efficiency in platform management.
OpenStack does not, however, provide functionality such as chargeback, reporting, and policy driven automation for tenant workloads and those projects that aspire to do so are generally focused solely on OpenStack.
This is not realistic in an increasingly hybrid world – and enterprises that are serious about OpenStack need these capabilities.
By using together with it’s possible to provide capabilities such as reporting, chargeback, and auditing of tenant workloads across a geographically diverse deployment.
In the demo below I demonstrate how chargeback across a multi-site OpenStack deployment works.
– If you are a Red Hatter or a Red Hat Partner, this demonstration is available in the  and is named “Red Hat Cloud Suite Reporting Demonstration”.
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