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The value driven by the average sourcing team over the last decade has, in many cases, been significant and transformative.
But, competitive forces at play in a rapidly changing business.
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June 15, .

2020 Why CPOs Could Drive the Next Round of M&A Activity – Part 1

“If a foreign country can supply us with a commodity cheaper than we ourselves can make it, better buy it of them with some part of the produce of.
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June 5, 2020 “This Week In Procurement ” – Subscribe to Ardent’s Weekly Newsletter.
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Each week, Ardent Partners curates a round-up of procurement news, research, and analysis and delivers.
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April 28, 2020 The Resiliency Imperative – CPO Playbook: Leveraging Your Network To Ensure Supply in the Age of Corona.
The Resiliency Imperative sessions continue this week with our best set of sessions yet including three created by and for Chief Procurement Officers.

Listen On-Demand – CPO Playbook: Leveraging Your Network To Ensure Supply

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April 20, 2020 The Resiliency Imperative – The Role of Sustainability in the Post-COVID-19 Supply Chain (Session 9 Overview).
The Resiliency Imperative sessions continues with The Role of Sustainability in the Post-COVID-19 Supply Chain (click to register).
In this session, we will we hear from a leading supply chain sustainability expert, Divya.
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April 17, .

2020 20 for 2020: The Key Themes for the Modern CPO’s Agenda (#19 – Cash Management)

In ten years’ time, the procurement profession and the role of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) has changed in many unique and profound ways.
Yet, just like 2010, .

CPOs and other procurement leaders

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April 7, .

2020 Five Lessons from an eSourcing Legend

Ardent Partners takes the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic with the utmost seriousness

Please click here to read our approach in these uncertain times.
Today at 2 pm, Gregg Brandyberry will deliver.
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April 6, 2020 The Resiliency Imperative – A New World (of) Orders: Rethinking The Global Supply Chain (Session 3 Overview).
UPDATE – VIEW THIS SESSION NOW – ON-DEMAND Ardent Partners takes the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic with the utmost seriousness.
Please click here to read our approach in these uncertain.
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April 2, .

2020 The Resiliency Imperative – Business Continuity Planning (Session 2 Overview)

Ardent Partners takes the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic with the utmost seriousness.
Please click here to read our approach in these uncertain times.
UPDATE: Session 2: Prevent, Manage, Recover: Key.
Read more.
April 1, 2020 Resiliency Themes – Part 4: Procurement Becomes a Core Business Function.
Ardent Partners takes the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic with the utmost seriousness.
Please click here to read our approach in these uncertain times.
From March 31 through May 7, Ardent Partners.
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Free Sci-Fi and Horror Shows on Comet.tv

Free Sci-Fi and Horror Shows on Comet.tv.
November 7, .

2016 By From their press release: COMET

TV has an incredible array of movies that you simply can’t get with a subscription to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

From wild adventures on Mars to critically acclaimed classics

COMET is the ultimate home of sci-fi and horror… and it’s all totally free, no subscriptions needed.
I checked it out, expecting there to be some kind of membership, or sign up, or other marketing BS.
But the fact is, Comet is the real deal.
Jump on and, as their tagline says.

“Space out.” Good luck trying to understand how their business model works

but it’s nice to see a channel dedicated to science fiction, supernatural, horror, adventure and fantasy series and films.
And with over 1500 hours of programming, there’s plenty here you’ve probably never heard of.

And they just aquired the rights to Mystery Science Theater 3000

so watch for that… Comettv.com.
Yours Darkly, Conrad Zero Filed Under: Cool Website, Free, Movies.

Kindlizer – Adapting the web for the Kindle browser

Posts tagged ‘kindle’.
Mar 20 11 feed, google app engine, , jquery, kindle, , rss, Kindlizer – Adapting the web for the Kindle browser.

Kindlizer is an attempt to make the web browser on the Kindle 3 more useful

Currently it consists of a simple RSS feed reader built on some JavaScript which makes the Kindle browser behave more like a standard Kindle book.
Having recently acquired a Kindle e-book reader I immediately investigated less obvious ways of using it than just reading books.
Amazon themselves offer magazines, newspapers and blogs as well as normal books, however blogs particularly seem like something I shouldn’t need to pay for (especially considering I don’t have the 3G Kindle so won’t be making use of the included Whispernet fee).

Of course there are a number of 3rd party services for Kindle out there

calibre is an e-book manager that will also download many popular news/magazines and send them directly to your Kindle.

There is also kindlefeeder.com which will send aggregated RSS feeds to your Kindle

Other more generic services such as Instapaper also have some form of Kindle support (Instapaper will send unread saved pages as a digest to your Kindle on a regular basis).
Kindlizer is slightly different to all of these services as it attempts to create an interface to be used directly on the Kindle, .

Rather than sending static files to the Kindle to be read later

Amazon have announced a development kit for the Kindle called the KDK to allow development of applications which run on the Kindle, however it is currently in a closed beta and appears to be quite restrictive in terms of free data usage.

This means Kindlizer is restricted to the experimental web browser built into the Kindle

The Kindle web browser is Webkit based which means it has excellent support for web standards, unfortunately in order for the browser to display all kinds of websites it has a less intuitive interface.
The directional pad on the Kindle controls a mouse pointer which jumps around in a grid on the screen and snaps to clickable elements (why spacial navigation wasn’t used I have no idea), as well as this the page back and forward keys on the Kindle become page up/page down in the browser, meaning on each press the page is only scrolled a small portion.
On top of this many pages are far too large to fit on the Kindle screen and are first shown zoomed out, requiring the user to first select a region to zoom in on.
Kindlizer attempts to fix some of these problems with the use of some JavaScript to trick the browser into showing the content one page at a time, .

With the page turn buttons on the Kindle moving forward or backward entire pages at once

On top of this CSS styling makes the documents appear with the same formatting as Kindle books, and large areas around clickable elements allows for far easier movement of the mouse cursor.
The JavaScript is written to allow for arbitrary blocks of HTML to be split into pages and displayed on the Kindle, currently this is used in conjunction with the Google Feed API to allow users to view RSS feeds on the Kindle.
The results so far are shown in the screenshots below: Kindlizer homepage as viewed on the Kindle Viewing this blog”s RSS feed on Kindlizer You can visit the (as of writing unfinished) Kindlizer site on Google App Engine here, alternatively there is a demo which shows this blog’s RSS feed and does not require login here.
Neither of which work particularly well on any device other than a Kindle (they may kind of work on your browser, but you won’t be able to change page).

The full source code for the App Engine site is open source and available here


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By JUST NOW Tags: Connor Drinan

500.com cleared to resume Swedish Multilotto online gambling ops

39 mins Ago Bettors ‘ significant ly’ more excited about NFL kickoff than non-bettors.
2 hours Ago ESPN’s Daily Wager show gets a reboot and a new home.
8 hours Ago AC Milan strikes a significant deal with Yabo Sports.
10 hours Ago.
8 hours Ago 9 hours Ago 10 hours Ago Canada’s casinos crawling back to life, but still far from lively.
17 hours Ago.
JUST NOW 25 mins Ago Panka, Deeb & De Silva all in Top 10 after WPT World Online Championship s Main Event Day 1a.
8 September 2020.
18 mins Ago 17 hours Ago Betcris new betting partner of NFL in LatAm markets.

8 September 2020 NFL odds roundup: Week 1 lines & trends

8 September 2020.
42 mins Ago 9 hours Ago 10 hours Ago.
8 hours Ago.

The Long Con: Lee Ann Johnstone on facing your fears starting a business

31 August 2020.
32 mins Ago.
Poker / / Connor Drinan wins WSOP Super MILLION$ for $1.4 Million Connor Drinan wins WSOP Super MILLION$ for $1.4 Million.
By JUST NOW Tags: Connor Drinan, world series of poker, WSOP 2020 Online Series The last bracelet is perhaps the sweetest to win of the World Series of Poker, and that honour fell to Connor Drinan last night as he wrapped up the WSOP Super MILLION$ bracelet win.
With just the final nine remaining, there was a lot on the line, including a very interesting poker celebrity side-bet, but there was mainly the matter of the majority of the $8.7 million prizepool to fight for first.
It took just 150 minutes to find a winner in the end as Connor Drinan outlasted the eight opponents who stood between him and a WSOP result of $1.4 million that more than equated to all the money he’d made in WSOP events before the final.
Drinan’s route to glory was not an easy one.

But it was the worst possible start for the short-stacked Kenneth Smaron

who lasted just one hand.
All-in from the big blind with queen-jack, he flopped top pair.

But Christopher Kruk had a straight and flush draw

which came in with instant service on the turn.
Busting in 8th place.

Arsenii Malinov held ace-queen and now in the doomed big blind seat

he called Sylvain Loosli’s all-in with nine-seven.
A nine and a seven on the flop did for Malinov’s chances and the field was down to seven players.
Kruk moved into the lead, but he would go from hero to zero in spectacular fashion as he busted in 7th place having led the field with the same number of players remaining.
He was unlucky to do so, too, dropping a chunk of chips with pocket jacks when up against Kazakhstani player Daniyar Aubakirov’s ace-ten, a ten-high straight from Aubakirov doing enough to double-up on the river in what would be a crucial 5th street card worth over $800,000 when the dealing was done.
That story would run right the way until the heads-up, but Kruk’s tale was over when his three-bet all-in with ace-jack ran into the monster hand of pocket aces held by Connor Drinan.

Suraj Mishra had led the event when the final table action kicked off

but his race was run in 6th place as he went all-in with pocket tens and saw Drinan eliminate him with pocket nines when a nine landed on the flop.
It would be Sylvain Loosli who busted in 5th place after he ran short and moved all-in with king-four and was called by Drinan, whose ace-deuce was enough to deliver another player out of contention.
Drinan was running away with it, and the runaway train only sped up after he busted both American player Chris Oliver in 4th place for $548,450 and Russian Viktor Ustimov in 3rd place for $755,754.  Aubakirov was the man charged with attempting to derail the seemingly unstoppable Drinan, and he gave it his best shot, doubling several times when left with a short-stack.
Eventually, though, .

His luck ran out  and so did his chances of winning the bracelet for Kazakhstan

His last chips went into the idle with a dominating hand, .

Aubakirov’s ace-jack outran by Drinan’s ace-nine

Drinan didn’t just win the $1.4 million to go with the WSOP bracelet thanks to his bet earlier in the series against Daniel Negreanu, as ‘Kid Poker’ previously advertised on Twitter.
Action on this bet has a $100k cap per individual player.
@ConnorDrinan is officially sold out.
Https://t.co/vro9QoFy7K— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) June 13.

2020 Connor Drinan could celebrate a remarkable victory

while runner-up Aubakirov could at least console himself with being the only other player in the event to cash for seven figures, winning $1,041,414 thanks in no small part to that miracle straight earlier in the day bumped him five places up the ladder.
Here are all the final table payouts from a dramatic final day’s play.
You can watch all the final table action right here in a replay of the final day’s play.
WSOP $10,300-entry Super MILLION$ Final Table Results:   Place  Player  Country  Prize  1st  Connor Drinan  United States  $1,423,049  2nd  Daniyar Aubakirov  Kazakhstan  $1,041,414  3rd  Viktor Ustimov  Russia  $755,754  4th  Chris Oliver  United States  $548,450  5th  Sylvain Loosli  France  $398,010  6th  Suraj Mishra  India  $288,836  7th  Christopher Kruk  Canada  $209,609  8th  Arsenii Malinov  Russia  $152,113  9th  Kenneth Smaron  United States  $110,389.
WSOP Gold: Connor Drinan loses with Aces against Aces 28 May 2020 Connor Drinan wins historic 5th SCOOP win in 2020 series 21 May 2020 2016 BSOP Millions Schedule Released; Connor Drinan Wins a WCOOP Title Lee Davy 8 September 2016 WSOP Day #8 Recap: Cheating Allegations Rock Heads-Up Contest; Europe Bag Their First Two Bracelets Lee Davy 5 June 2015 WSOP Days 31 & 32 Recap: Phil Ivey Wins Bracelet No.10 Lee Davy 30 June 2014.

/ 9:17 am Wed Trailer of Dune

/ 9:17 am Wed Trailer of Dune.
Looking forward to this one.

You surely know what Dune is all about

but if not, well, few are the fools who would attempt to explain it in a paragraph.
The only way to catch up is to buy the entire six-book series (even after all this time, there are only six Dune books!) and […] SHARE / TWEET / 1 COMMENTS.
/ / frank herbert / / science fiction / trailers.
/ 7:04 pm Wed, Nov 15, .

2017 New Dune movie will take no cues from Lynch”s version

David Lynch”s Dune, though unsuccessful in theaters, has gained a more positive reputation over the years for its spectacular visuals and memorable one-liners.
But Denis Villeneuve.

Directing a new movie of Frank Herbert”s SF classic

says he”ll be taking pains not to let it influence his own vision.
From an interview with Yahoo: “David Lynch […] SHARE / TWEET / 117 COMMENTS.
/ / frank herbert / / sf.
/ 4:29 am Wed, Feb 1, .

2017 Arrival”s Denis Villeneuve to direct Dune remake

Hot off filming Ted Chiang”s Story of Your Life to great acclaim and Blade Runner II, .

Denis Villeneuve is tackling the great white whale of screen science-fiction: Dune

Brian Herbert, son of author Frank Herbert, tweeted the news last night.
It”s official — Legendary Pictures has signed the very talented Denis Villeneuve to direct the […] SHARE / TWEET / 70 COMMENTS.

Behold your Kwisatz Haderach / / /

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By 36 mins Ago Tags: China

China lotteries post first annual sales gain in 18 months

36 mins Ago Penn National’s Barstool betting app testing Pennsylvania market next week.

4 hours Ago Seven of the biggest Premier League scandals ever

4 hours Ago Gambling Industry Announcement and Partnership Roundup – September 8, 2020.
11 hours Ago.
13 hours Ago 13 hours Ago 24 hours Ago Likely new Japanese PM says IRs will go forward, Osaka leaders happy.
7 September 2020.
5 hours Ago 6 hours Ago Fedor Holz Wins second WSOP bracelet in $25k Heads-Up Event.

20 hours Ago 20 hours Ago

5 hours Ago 7 hours Ago 13 hours Ago College football odds: Week 2 lines & trends.
20 hours Ago.
12 hours Ago Transitional regime for German online gambling operators.

Learn more at the Gaming in Germany

Press Releases 1 September 2020

11 hours Ago.
14 hours Ago.
Business / / China lotteries post first annual sales gain in 18 months China lotteries post first annual sales gain in 18 months.
By 36 mins Ago Tags: China, sports lottery China’s lottery sales finally rebounded from their long decline in July, posting their first annual sales rise in 18 months.
Figures released Tuesday by China’s Ministry of Finance show total lottery sales of RMB36.15b (US$5.28b) in the month of July, up 10.4% from the same month last year and 7.5% higher than June 2020’s total.
July 2020’s gains were largely due to the resumption of major sports activity following the pandemic-related suspension of play this spring.
Sports lottery sales rose 17.1% year-on-year to RMB20.7b while welfare lottery sales were up a more modest 2.6% to RMB15.4b.
That said.

Sales over the first seven months of 2020 hit RMB160b

down nearly 35% from this point last year.
Sports lottery sales are down 35.6% to RMB85.3b while welfare lotteries fell 33.8% to RMB74.4b.
July’s gains snapped a prolonged streak of annual sales declines that started way back in February 2019.
Initially a reflection of the outsized gains that China’s lottery market made in 2018 due to the FIFA World Cup, the declines accelerated this year as COVID-19 forced the outright suspension of all sales, after which came a long slow climb back to positive growth.

Unlike many Western lottery operators

China’s lotteries were unable to compensate for their retail shutdown by emphasizing online sales, as the country ‘temporarily’ suspended an online lottery pilot project in March 2015 after uncovering widespread fraud among provincial lottery administrators.
The government has occasionally dropped hints of a possible resumption of online sales but no official change to the status quo has emerged to date.
That hasn’t stopped rumors from circulating.
A couple weeks ago, China Sports Industry Group, a state-run entity set up via funding from sports lottery operations to develop local sports, was forced to deny reports that it had been authorized to launch an online sports lottery service.
More recently, Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) publicly refuted rumors that it was about to authorize an online version of the popular Mark Six lottery.
The DICJ warned lottery players that anyone claiming to be offering an online lottery service was doing so illegally.
Crown Resorts was warned in advance of Chinese gambling arrests 3 September 2020 PokerStars exiting China, Taiwan and Macau as Flutter ‘switches off’ black markets 31 August 2020 India confiscates over $6M from Chinese gambling operators 31 August 2020 China disavows ties to sketchy Myanmar ‘China Town’ casino hub 26 August 2020 China announces travel blacklist to stop overseas gambling trips 26 August 2020 China warns telecoms to police online classrooms for gambling pop-ups 25 August 2020.

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TORNapart 8 mins ago Jacoo – Trapped in a Coma (Shortened)

Difficulties Expert 0 0 Mapper: tornapart | Jacoo – Trapped in a Coma… Unable to Breathe | Mapped by TORNapart Original Song is like 3:15mins long, so I cut it down a little | 18 NJS | 115 BPM | Its Doubles/Slider Map ???? {{ reviewsOverall }} / 5 Users (0 ratings) Fun Factor Rhythm Flow Pattern Quality Readability Level Quality What Other Beaters Say.
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Pattern Quality.
Level Quality.
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DROELOE – Open Blinds.

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Simulation TubeStar : Money Mod : Download APK

Tuesday, September 8, 2020.
Simulation .

TubeStar : Money Mod : Download APK

TubeStar : Money Mod : Download APK.
December 14, 2017 0 Get unreal wealth in the game TubeStar downloading the unique Money Mod.
Everyone in the world has heard a story about how someone earned their first million without leaving home.

An impressive part of them earned it on their own channel on Youtube

And as a result, many people want to try themselves in the role of bloggers or administrators of their Youtube channel.

And the developers from Michael C

Hall made it a reality.
In the game you become the administrator of your channel.
You have to select and post videos.
You will do it in every possible way to develop your channel, attracting maximum attention to it.
In the end you can become not only famous, but also rich.

Make a cool game even more fun with the help of the Money Mod

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BitLife – Life Simulator : Full Game Unlock Mod : Download APK

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