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#1 Nice Guy: Vom netten Kerl zum Frauenheld mit Herz 2020 » is the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator » 2020-08-19 10:05:18

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A golf simulator is a product that gives you the chance to play golf whenever and wherever you like.
The technology gives players access to several virtual golf courses around the world.Golf simulators can be used for both leisure and work, as some professional golfers and coaches utilise golf simulators to analyse swings. There are several different types of golf simulators, each catering for different golfer needs.In this article we are going to be looking at the best golf simulators.
Let’s jump into our review.Simulators For GolfBelow are our top picks for golf simulators.Best Overall: Foresight Sports GC2Pro's Choice: Sky Trak SIG10 Golf SimulatorEditor's Choice: Sky Trak SIG12 Golf SimulatorBest Lightweight: TruGolf Indoor Golf SimulatorBest For Multiplayers: TruGolf Vista 10 SimulatorBest Value: OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator SeriesBest For Beginners: SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training PackageAlso check out our buyers guide for golf simulators.Best Golf Simulators (Top Picks)    1.
Foresight Sports GC2    Check Latest Price   The Foresight Sports GC2 golf simulator offers a product called the GC2.
The GC2 is a launch monitor that is capable of integrating into a projection based simulator.
The GC2 acts as the engine for a foresight simulator.The GC2 has a starting price at around $7000 for just the launch monitor and can go up to $40 000 for a complete setup.
The software GC2 Golf simulator breaks down into two categories: The Club fitting feature and Golf simulation. The club fitting software tracks and stores data easily and is perfect for pros and the club fitters out there.
The simulation software comes with two options: Performance simulation with over 80 golf courses to select from.

The Creative golf 3D offers 50 courses and 19 entertainment practice options

Pros     Very accurateGood for club fittingA large amount of golf courses to choose fromPortableWorks great outdoors                                     Cons                           Can be expensiveYou may struggle switching between right and left handed golfers       2.
Sky Trak SIG10 Golf Simulator    Check Latest Price    The Sky Trak is a photometric launch monitor which means that it uses high-speed cameras to track the ball.
Using high-speed cameras to track the ball allows for more accurate feedback from the simulator.The Sky Trak tries to separate itself from other golf simulators by its inexpensive price tag.
The simulator includes a standard driving range feature but other software options are sold separately and unlike other golf simulators, the Sky Trak includes free trials to ensure that players are satisfied with which software they prefer before they make their purchase.The Sky Trak is known to be very accurate and includes multiple software options.

The Skytrak CIG 10 golf simulator is available from $7299.99

This simulator can be a good option for professional golfers, as it provides the features to play on a professional level.
Pros     AffordabilityThere are several software options to choose fromGood accuracyIncludes free trials before purchaseRealistic simulation experienceEasy to installDriving range features                                     Cons                           Delay after impact regardless of which softwareIt is inconvenient for left and right players to play at the same time       3.
Sky Trak SIG12 Golf Simulator    Check Latest Price   The Sky Trak SIG12 Simulator is an inclusive simulator for all golfers.
This simulator comes with side barrier netting which may be an advantage considering that players may have missed shots.
It is very flexible to use in a garage, basement or living room.The material is light-weight and portable which allows players to easy move the simulator to different locations.

The Sky Trak SIG12 accurately measures ball flight

distance and swing speed with the help from the launch monitor.The Sky Trak SIG12 golf simulator is available for $7699.
This might be an expensive golf simulator however, it is worth the price considering the fact that it provides players with all practice features required to improve their game.

This is what makes the Sky Trak SIG12 the best simulator for players of all levels
Pros     Instant feedbackLarger screenReal course playCompatible with IOS

Android and PCLight-weight                                     Cons                           Requires a large amount of space to set upMay be expensive for some golfers       4.
TruGolf Indoor Golf Simulator    Check Latest Price   The TruGolf Indoor Simulator is a light-weighted and portable simulator which is travel-size.
It is accommodating to for multiple players with the platinum package offering a capability of 8 players at the same time.The TruGolf Indoor Simulator is durable giving you a long time service.

The TruGolf Indoor Simulator includes a mat thickness of 3.5”

an HD 720p projector, 116” impact screen, side nets and a premium fairway matt system.The TruGolf Indoor Golf Simulator is the number one choice for pro shops, country clubs and professional golfers.
TruGolf offers a wide-range of indoor golf simulators.
This portable golf simulator price starts from $7995.00.
Pros     Excellent graphicsPortableVariation of golf courses to play onBig screenThick and durable mat8 Players can play at the same time                                     Cons                           Laborious set upExpensive       5.
TruGolf Vista 10 Simulator    Check Latest Price   The TruGolf Vista 10 Simulator is a portable system and popular amongst home-users, company events and PGA coaching staff.

The TruGolf Vista comes with a projector

travel bag and a tee platform that is light-weight and separates both left and right-handed players.
It also includes a sensor co-ordinator to track all content.The Vista 10 is one of 3 TruGolf Vista Simulators and is the mid-sized simulator amongst the 3 and comes with e6 software which is a system which tracks several measurements including club face angle, club path and ball flight.The TruGolf Vista 10 Simulator is also ideal for players whom know how to shape the golf ball in any condition.

The TruGolf Vista 10 allows peer-to-peer gaming and multi-player options
The TruGolf Vista 10 Simulator is available for $14 395.50

Pros     Easily portableImmediate feedbackEasy to installClear images from HD projectorMulti-player optionsClub information                                     Cons                           Expensive       6.
OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Series    Check Latest Price   The OptiShot 2 Simulator is an entry level golf simulator in which you can start with only the sensor-board with 15 golf courses to download on your PC.
The OptiShot 2 Simulator is plugged in via a USB cord into a PC or TV and can be played through a PC, TV or projector.The OptiShot 2 Simulator consists of a driving range option which assists in distance measurement and good representation of the shape of the shot.
The OptiShot 2 Simulator provides the player with club information such as club head speed and face angle.
The club face is picked up through the sensor-board as it passes the infra-red sensors.
This OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator allows players to practice and improve their game without any golf balls.

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator is one of the world’s best simulators under $500.00

This golf simulator is very simple, easy to use and affordable.
Pros     Great value for moneyDetailed graphicsLight-weight and portableSimple USB connectionClub information                                     Cons                           Slow response after shots       7.
SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package    Check Latest Price   The standard SkyTrak Simulator Training Package is flexible to use in several locations such as: a basement, living room and garage.
This Golf Simulator is portable and not permanently built in which allows for players to retain space from where they install the SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package.This golf simulator provides players with increased club and swing stats that are required to improve your game.
The software included in this golf simulator, will measure the ball flight and give players instant feedback.This package includes a SkyTrak Golf personal launch monitor valued at $1995.00.
It additionally includes a SkyTrak game improvement software which is valued at $99.95, side barriers, a micro-USB charging cable, two rubber tees and a SkyTrak protective case.The SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package is valued at $3399.99 for the entire package.
This training package is good for beginner as well amateur golfers.
Pros     Includes different weather conditionsVery accurate resultsHigh-speed imagesSeveral simulator software optionsOut-door and indoor use                                     Cons                           Limited club dataExpensive for some golfers                         Golf Simulators - Buyers GuideDimension The buyer should know the dimensions of the simulator that he/she desires to purchase as it needs to suit the location of installation.
Some simulators may need to be built into your garage or a spare room.
Features Players may need to look for features and if they do not fulfil requirements, players may be required to download extra specific features.
You can search for extra features that you may need.
For example if you need the driving range feature that may not be installed in your simulator yet.
Check Products Players may need to check the products that the golf simulator includes.
Some items may be missing that you will need to buy separately that is why it is important that you check whether all of your required products are included or not.
Quality It is vital that players know the quality of the products as some brands offer higher quality products than others.
Find out those products.
Portability Players need to ensure whether the screen is portable as it may enhance players experience in various locations.
Portability is an important thing to look for when purchasing a golf simulator.
Setting Up Golf simulators are required to have an easy installation, if not, difficulties with setting the golf simulator may occur.
Accuracy It is vital that the simulator provides players with accurate data in order for them to improve their game.
Accuracy plays a big role in the use of golf simulators.
You need to be able to trust the data that the simulator gives you.
This is why simulators vary in price because some are more accurate and realistic than others.
PricePlayers get what they pay for.
If player’s desire increased quality and features they may have to pay more.
If price is not a concern, you have the options of higher quality simulators.
Golf Simulator FAQsHow do golf simulators work?A golf simulator is a computerized game of golf that is portable.
Simulators are designed to mimic the real game while improving your skill set.
Simulators are high-tech machines that analyse your golf swing and use computerized models of real courses.
Golf simulators use radars and light sensors to detect a number of factors that go into your shot and swing.
They are very close to the actual game of golf as you can get without having to go outside.
Golf simulators are known to provide benefits that real golf may not be able to offer.
Golf simulators give players the ability to play the game of golf at any given time and any weather condition.
Some of the most common technology is used to measure data in golf simulators include the following: radars, cameras, optical sensors and sensor mats.
What is the most accurate golf simulator?Players need to select one which is the most accurate.
If players are looking for precision in ball data measurement, .

Then it is suggested that you try the Foresight GC2 compact golf simulator package

What is the best in home golf simulator?For the simulator at home which is within an affordable price range, is the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator.
It is a high quality simulator that is portable and easy to install.
What golf simulators do professionals use?Serious golfers and professionals like to use Foresight Sports GC2 as it offers the most accuracy.
How accurate are golf simulators?With research carried out, it has been determined that golf simulators will be 85-90% accurate if the use of good quality equipment to run the golf simulator is conducted.
The accuracy of a golf simulator depends on the cameras, radar, optical sensors and infra-red light.
Users need to ensure that the camera used is adequate.
If the camera is unable to capture your shots adequately, then the golf simulator will not produce accurate results which players require.
Optical sensors check your swing and give results; players need to ensure that the optical sensors are to their desired standard.How much does a golf simulator cost?Players need to keep in mind that they will get what they pay for.
In this market there are a lot of golf simulators of different brands and different qualities.
They can vary in different process and features.
Some golf simulators may cost you $300 and some others may cost $30,000.
It is up to the player and their budget.
If you are a price conscious customer, then you can choose a simulator within your budget.
On the other hand if you think of spending much, you can choose a golf simulator of a high quality brand.

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