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Having provided virtual desktop and infrastructure solutions for over 11 years Evolve IP has seen a massive shift take place in the way IT provides applications to end users.  11 years ago, customers were utilizing 90% client-server based software. Meaning companies would acquire a server, whether physical or virtual, install the application and then install the client on each user’s desktop.    Now, fast forward to today and I would argue that the number is down to around 25%.
So, where are all those applications moving? It should be no surprise when I write ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS).  Companies like Salesforce.com, ADP, Concur, Outreach are all delivered via a browser with no software to install.  For the purposes of this post, I’ll be using the term “before” to describe how applications were delivered to end users in the “old days” and “after” to describe how applications are delivered now.  Our first post looked at the changing role of Active Directory and today we’re going to see how SaaS has caused IT to play Defense in the Wild West.                            Up until the explosion of SaaS, the industry best practice was what IT referred to as “defense in depth”.  At its most basic level, this meant a firewall at the edge of the network, then some sort of monitoring at the network level for traffic that may not appear legitimate, and then finally all sorts of different security tools at the server or desktop level.
Basically, build big castle walls and keep the bad guys out.   Today, the new corporate network doesn’t stop at HQ’s walls.  It also doesn’t stop at the VPN connections.  It’s everywhere.  Users need to access resources from different SaaS providers around the globe and those connections are all public.     For corporate assets, IT still maintains anti-virus (AV) and other protections on those devices which certainly helps.  Some companies have turned to Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) in an effort put a man in the middle act as a relay to protect the enterprise while enabling a more flexible environment for their employees.
Unfortunately, to date, these solutions have proved very costly and complicated to implement.                            Remote Work Considerations – Securing the New Corporate Network             Evolve IP has developed a comprehensive solution that addresses the needs of the IT and the business.
Workspaces enable mobility and security and give employees the tools they need to do their jobs in ways that make them more productive than ever.
Download Datasheet       Enter Workspaces Evolve IP has been working diligently to address the security defenses needed for businesses dealing with SaaS and Legacy line-of-business applications.   Evolve IP Workspaces include:   Active Directory Integration – Control access to legacy and SaaS applications through AD  Multi-factor Authentication – Increase security posture by requiring a second form of authentication    BYOD Friendly – Allow employees to use any device while maintaining security controls  Custom Toolbelt – Users get just the tools they need, the way they want them, increasing efficiency  SSO and Self-Service Password Resets – Users adopt, and adhere to technologies that make their lives easier  Full DaaS capabilities for power users     Enjoyed this post.
Download all four sections of the Remote Work Considerations – Securing the New Corporate Network brief here.
For more information about Workspaces please visit www.evolveip.net/workspaces or give us a call at 855-481-3798 for a demo.       The post Remote Work Considerations – SaaS Defense in the Wild West appeared first on Evolve IP.


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