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Find Google Play Store and find the option Clear all data

Find Google Play Store and find the option Clear all data

Can I cancel my trial before I get charged?.
Of course, you can, it wouldn’t be called a trial if you couldn’t.
To cancel the trial just follow the unsubscribe procedure below.
I uninstalled the game, why am I still getting charged.
Because you are still subscribed.
Payment, subscriptions and trials are handled by Apple and Google depending on the platform you use.
App uninstall does not mean you unsubscribed.
To unsubscribe follow the steps below.
How do I unsubscribe.
Payment, subscriptions and trials are handled by Google and Apple depending on the platform you are using.
The only way you can unsubscribe is through their platforms, not our app.
This applies to all apps on the market not just ours.
iPhone users can unsubscribe through Apple ID Subscriptions Page You can find detailed instructions on Apple’s support page if you need more help.
Android users you can unsubscribe through Google Play Store Subscriptions Page You can find detailed instructions on Google’s support page if you need more help.
Once unsubscribed you will be able to enjoy the game in full until the end of the subscription period or trial period, but there will be no more automatic payments going forward.

I purchased the game but it doesn’t work WTF

(Android users).

Occasionally Google Play gets its data screwed up on your phone

This happens to about 0.07% of you.
Congratulations, you are officially special.
This results in all of your paid apps not working correctly.

To fix this follow the steps below: Go to your device Settings and then Installed Apps

Find Google Play Store and find the option Clear all data.

Do the same with Google Play Services

Restart the device.

Login to Google Play Store again and accept their terms of service

Now In-App Purchases should work in the game correctly (and other games and apps as well)

Why do I have to pay for this game?.
Sorry to hear that.
We include enough free content in every game that will last you at least one party, maybe even three.
Unfortunately, we do not live in a money-less society.
We would also love free stuff.
But alas, we must pay for stuff as well (we are snobs that like to use toilet paper and not our hands).
You guys help us with that, and for that we are truly grateful.
This way we get to work on what we love full time.
Making party games.
And it shows in the quality.
We make sure you guys have fun and make great memories together.
It’s a win-win!  6.
Remove this inappropriate card right now.
That is not a question.
Can you please remove this inappropriate card.
Sure, we’ll think about it.
I don’t get it, how do I start the game.
Select some decks and press play.
If you’re still having a hard time please follow this simple procedure: You’re drunk, drink some water.
Eat a cookie.
Pass your phone to a friend.

Tell your friend to take a picture of you and post it on Instagram with #kingofbooze

Press play!.
Fun fun fun!.
How to get a refund?.
Find out how to get refunds on these links: Google Play Refunds and App Store Refunds If you miss the refund window for Google Play, contact us.
We can manually refund you up to 30 days from getting initially charged.

Can you guys please translate this game to XY language

We probably won’t but if we get at least 10 mails asking for it we will consider it.
Can I get a free promo code.
Post your party photos on Instagram with #kingofbooze and our social team might contact you and offer you free promo codes.

Will you be the Godfather of our King of Booze baby?

Yes, we will godfather every baby that is a byproduct of playing our games.
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While the 30% fee is an age-old practice of Apple

Facebook is a recent name in the list of the growing number of companies actively calling out Apple for the 30% fees that it collects on payments made through its App Store.
The complaint was put online through a blog post introducing Facebook’s new feature that supports paid online events.  To do so.

Facebook said that it wouldn’t be collecting any fees for such events

meaning those businesses could keep 100% of payments on Android as well as the web.
But, due to App Store fees, it couldn’t be the case with iOS.

Facebook blatantly called out Apple for taking 30% of the purchase

For this reason, .

There is a possibility that Apple won’t even approve the update

Interestingly, this came out merely 24 hours after Epic Games allowed direct payments, and, consequently, .

Fortnite was removed from the App Store

Soon after that, Epic Games took a shot at Apple by filing a lawsuit against it while also releasing an in-game clip parodying Apple’s popular 1985 commercial.
While the 30% fee is an age-old practice of Apple, it came into light as being problematic for developers only after Basecamp criticized Apple for repeatedly rejecting its Email App “Hey”.
Apple rejected the App as it violated its guidelines requiring in-app purchases which cost Apple its subscription revenue.
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