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Screen Lock app download from 9apps

Screen Lock app download from 9apps

Screen Lock app Download.

Screen Lock app | Free download & install Screen Lock APK app

Screen Lock app download from 9apps.
Screen lock is an amazing and unique app lock application available to the users of Android device that enables them to lock the phone and apps in order to protect them from the eyes of Intruder.
This is basically a time password app that enables you to crack your password that you have forgot and prevent you from trying it again and again.
It is an innovative way to lock your phone because with this, the current time becomes your lock screen password and as time changes every minute, so is your password.
It is such a smart way to lock your Private data of device so that no one other than you got to know your password.
Take a look on the below noted points in order to get the main features of the screen lock app– Choose your preferred lock type such as custom pin, lock screen password etc.
The app lock feature of this app can lock all your favourite applications and protect your data.
Intruder detection is also enabled in this app that automatically captures the photo of that person who tries to unlock your phone.
One can also hide the app lock icon so that no one can get to know where is the lock app.

Users can also apply reverse mode of their current Lock either it is security pin

current time etc.
There are several high definition lock screen customised wallpapers available that you can apply in your lock screen.
Screen lock app APK download-.

This is very useful and beneficial application for the users of Android device

If you wants to install it in your mobile phone then click on the header or footer options and download it directly from through APK.
Review Rating: (12398).
Category: Personalization.
Size: 6.6MB.
Update: 2017-02-01.
Version: 1.5.
Offered: Katecca.
Installs: 10,140,503 – 50,847,065.

After that search Screen Lock app >

After that download  6.6MB APK.
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