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Doctor Who news from FanSided TV

Doctor Who news from FanSided TV

Doctor Who Watch.

Doctor Who: No dating outside DW fandom

By Julie Marie Zavala Doctor Who review: The Deadly Assassin

by James Aggas The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure – 5 years on.

By James Aggas 2w Doctor Who: Steven Moffat’s monsters a masterclass in fear

By Julie Marie Zavala Steven Moffat wrote a great many Doctor Who stories: comedic

adventurous, tragic, romantic, and some absolutely terrifying.
As we look back at the.

3w Doctor Who: Eccleston’s return – Why it should be on audio

By James Aggas Next year.

Christopher Eccleston returns to Doctor Who

this time on audio.
We look at why that’s much more exciting than a TV appearance.
I’m sure.

3w Doctor Who: The veils we wear (and why we wear them)

By Cynthia O’Malley In my recent viewing of Doctor Who story Deep Breath

the lack of being seen stands out to me.
Oh sure, Clara doesn’t truly see the Doctor as the.
3w Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth’s disturbing opening.
3w Doctor Who’s traumatizing moments (and why we love them).
by James Aggas Doctor Who is not just one of those rare family shows that can scar children for life.
It’s also a show that kids love to be traumatized by.

4w Doctor Who: Big Finish Day 2020 enchants fans

by Julie Marie Zavala The team at Big Finish loves stories… and their fans.
When the global pandemic canceled plans for their traditional in-person “Big Finish Day”.
4w Doctor Who: Thirteen – The simple yet addictive game .
by Julie Marie Zavala Game, Set, and Match to Thirteen – a deceptively simple yet addictive Doctor Who puzzle game that Whovians are enjoying/frustrated by right now.
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Winter is Coming 2 weeks Doctor Who and Superman are more alike than we realize

Doctor Who news from FanSided TV .