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Companies Adapt

Companies Adapt

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Companies are quickly adapting and using data to make more informed decisions about their future In today’s ever-changing environment, organizations use of data is not only helping them adjust and make necessary business decisions but it’s also giving them an edge against their competitors.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a major disruption

impacting the global economy at all levels.
Organizations are forced to quickly adjust to a new set of assumptions and a new global economic reality, and those that have the crucial data are using it to their benefit.
By using dynamic dashboards, organizations can quickly change their area of focus to visualize and communicate insights to consumers and decision-makers.
For example, in the last customer benchmarking session, several of Comintelli’s customers shared how they have adapted their Intelligence2day® dashboards to be able to monitor and track COVID-19 developments.
The dashboards have been filtered on the impact of their specific business and locations to avoid being overloaded with general COVID19 information.
“In less than five minutes, we were able to set up the smart dashboard filter.
Using this platform has allowed us to curate and display relevant information in a very flexible way,” said Lena Olofsson.

Competitive Intelligence Director at Essity (www.essity.com)

a global hygiene and health company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.
Intelligence2day® enables you to not only keep track of known topics but also to discover new trends and spot signals early.
The Market and Competitive Intelligence platform allows users to search for and analyze internal and external sources about the market context by AI-assisted collection, curation, and tagging of data and information.
Users then leverage templates, dashboards, and collaboration features to share actionable insights across their organization, and plan ahead.

“With 20 years in the Market and Competitive Intelligence business

we know that disruptions happen, and we know that this is not the last time it will happen either,” says Jesper Martell CEO of Comintelli.
“We just don’t know what form or how big and fast it will hit us.
Never has there been a more important time to anticipate market changes and keep businesses moving forward.” “We are working with Intelligence2day® because our organization is “data-driven” and everybody should be aware of all the latest insights,” says José Martinez Brime.

Market Insights Specialist at VodafoneZiggo (https://www.vodafoneziggo.nl/en/)

a Dutch telecom service company.
“Market and Competitive Intelligence has a huge role to play in the new world order,” says Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli.
“In the new change-driven world, you can’t just wait and see what happens or even adapt to change – you have to learn to love change.
Businesses, therefore, have to be able to respond rapidly to change and disruption, and decision-makers need accurate intelligence based on facts and insights.” Link to Press Release Posted by: Christine Dahlén, 4:06 pm < Previous Next >.