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” /> Machine Learning     Deep Learning

” /> Machine Learning     Deep Learning

” /> Complex Event Processing       Processing Sensor Data (IoT)       Real Time Predictions.
” /> Data Pipeline Acceleration       Self-Serve Analytics       In-Memory Computing.
” /> Machine Learning     Deep Learning.
” /> Graph Analysis.
Forward-looking – We optimize solutions with new tools, technologies, methodologies and approaches.
We continually seek new and disruptive technologies to evaluate and vet so we are prepared to provide cutting edge sustainable solutions to clients.

Proven Expertise –   Our certified data scientists

data engineers and architects are highly experienced and passionate about big data, machine learning and Spark.
We utilize our substantial client and lab experience when designing and developing solutions.

Repeatable Solutions – Our engineering and operations knowledge is proven to be scalable

reliable and easily adaptable to customer requirements.

Experience & Delivery – Our clients benefit from our rapid proof of concepts

joint data discovery sessions and insights gained from our lab where we run numerous proof of concept applications and vet new technology on our in-house clusters.
We are thought leaders in large scale data solutions built to integrate on-premise systems, cloud services, and open source technologies that help you meet your data-driven business needs.
We design large-scale, open source data science solutions that add to our clients’ bottom line.
We solve large-scale data problems using distributed and massively parallel big data and stream processing solutions as well as high-performance computing techniques.
We find hidden patterns in both structured and a wide variety of unstructured types of data (such as social media content, textual data, images, audio and video streaming).
We develop a new wave of data applications applying state-of-the-art techniques and approaches in machine learning, cluster computing, graph databases and streaming analytics to solve problems, enhance business knowledge and provide advanced analytics for decision making.
We have the expertise necessary to define data driven strategies and architecture.
We then provide the engineering required to build and deploy data products and accelerate your data pipelines.
We service a number of industry verticals including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Advertising, Retail, .

Healthcare and Utilities incorporating new technology

Our Process is agile, lean, and adaptive.
We use iterative approaches to all deliverables and ensure you always are receiving the most current working releases.
At airisDATA we enrich analytics to learn from data using machine learning to extract features, detect patterns, and make predictions.
We architect interactive data mining, iterative algorithms, and streaming analytics using an in-memory cluster computing data stack and run numerous Proof of Concept applications and technology vetting in our extension in-house clusters.
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