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Category Archives: Application Security Testing (AST)

Category Archives: Application Security Testing (AST)


Application Security Testing (AST)

Category Archives: Application Security Testing (AST).
February and March are the hot months for marketing reports.

I already wrote about and reports about Vulnerability Management-related markets

And this Monday, March 19, .

Gartner released new “Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing”

You can buy it on the or download it for free from the vendor’s sites.
For example,  or.
Thank you, dear vendors, for this opportunity.

I’m not an expert in Application Security

I am more in Device Vulnerability Assessment () or Vulnerability Management

However, these field are related.
And well-known Vulnerability Management vendors often have products or functionality for Web Application scanning and Source Code analysis as well.
Just see Qualys, Rapid7 and Positive Technologies at the picture.
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