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Book Boost: Access for All Challenge

Book Boost: Access for All Challenge

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September 4, 2020.
The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for quality EdTech solutions that serve the literacy and learning needs of all children.
August 27, 2020.
Free tools for use by publishers, Ministries of Education, and education implementers support inclusive education that benefits all children.
July 16, 2020.
If we are to realize the ideals of Sustainable Development Goal 4 to provide inclusive and equitable education for all, the learning needs of children with disabilities cannot be overlooked.
June 25, 2020.
Challenge to award up to $1 million for solutions grounded in Universal Design for Learning for children with disabilities in low-resource contexts.

Read a brief overview of the UnrestrICTed Challenge and how you can get involved

UnrestrICTed Challenge.
ICT for education solutions grounded in Universal Design for Learning to improve literacy for children with disabilities.
May 7, 2020.
Begin With Books prize winner will build on platform created through ACR GCD’s Sign On For Literacy prize to create 1,200+ sign language storybooks.
May 6, 2020.
Begin With Books prize winner to scale past ACR GCD-funded projects to create 270 accessible books for children in Malawi.
May 5, 2020.
ACR GCD’s Begin With Books prize to fund the creation of 380 books in six local languages for regions in which only 5 percent of children have access to books.
May 4, 2020.

Begin With Books prize winner to create the first large collection of books in Soninke

Sénoufo, and Malian Sign Languages.
April 28, 2020.
Daily TV and virtual broadcast of sign language stories funded by ACR GCD open opportunities for all children, including those who are deaf, .

To learn during the COVID-19 crisis

April 7, 2020.
The creation of more than 250 books in Tumbuka and Malawian Sign Language for free use on the Global Digital Library.
March 5, 2020.
Winners will also join ACR GCD Sign Language Storybook Cohort to follow standards for sign language book production.
Sign On For Literacy Prize.
Improving sign language access and learning for deaf children in low-resource contexts.

The creation of 1,200 accessible books in the sign languages of Indonesia

the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, the Fiji Islands and Samoa.
May 29, 2019 ACR GCD innovator Benetech advances as finalist for $10 million award to scale accessible reading platform.
ACR GCD funding of Bookshare India project helps position edtech company for Macquarie Group award.
Book Boost: Access for All Challenge.
Cost-effective solutions for incorporating accessibility at the onset of book development.
UnrestrICTed Challenge seeks scalable ICT solutions to improve literacy and learning for children with disabilities.
The creation of 420 quality.

Accessible books in the Soninke and Sénoufo languages of Mali

as well as Malian Sign Language, using SIL”s Bloom book creation software.

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