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Set 4: Echoes of Hokken Sneak Peek Event

Set 4: Echoes of Hokken Sneak Peek Event

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Set 4: Echoes of Hokken Sneak Peek Event.

Echoes of Hokken Sneak Peek weekend will take place from October 9th

2020 – October 11th, 2020. Don’t miss your opportunity to get Set 4 cards before everyone else!  Echoes of Hokken Spoilers.

Check out all of the brand new cards coming out in Set 4: Echoes of Hokken

Set 4 releases October 15th, 2020.
Online Saga Showcase Recap See the Champion Spirit breakdown and which decks made it into this weekend’s Online Saga Showcase!The second Online Saga Showcase saw Gillian.

The Witch Queen and Spirit of Strigra defeat Metaial

the Silver King and Spirit of Serpio in the finals.

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These new designs feature Ariana, Auron, Gillian, Raine, and Ergon alongside their respective Surging Tower! Pick up your Argent Saga Face or Neck Mask today!  Deck Analysis Other News.

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