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While the 30% fee is an age-old practice of Apple

While the 30% fee is an age-old practice of Apple

Facebook is a recent name in the list of the growing number of companies actively calling out Apple for the 30% fees that it collects on payments made through its App Store.
The complaint was put online through a blog post introducing Facebook’s new feature that supports paid online events.  To do so.

Facebook said that it wouldn’t be collecting any fees for such events

meaning those businesses could keep 100% of payments on Android as well as the web.
But, due to App Store fees, it couldn’t be the case with iOS.

Facebook blatantly called out Apple for taking 30% of the purchase

For this reason, .

There is a possibility that Apple won’t even approve the update

Interestingly, this came out merely 24 hours after Epic Games allowed direct payments, and, consequently, .

Fortnite was removed from the App Store

Soon after that, Epic Games took a shot at Apple by filing a lawsuit against it while also releasing an in-game clip parodying Apple’s popular 1985 commercial.
While the 30% fee is an age-old practice of Apple, it came into light as being problematic for developers only after Basecamp criticized Apple for repeatedly rejecting its Email App “Hey”.
Apple rejected the App as it violated its guidelines requiring in-app purchases which cost Apple its subscription revenue.
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