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but “Porteus Kiosk 4.7.0” has a Firefox version of 52.8.1

but “Porteus Kiosk 4.7.0” has a Firefox version of 52.8.1

| After this we decided to look for a solution and whadya know – there is one free and simple solution with plenty of customization options for our needs.

It fits our situation perfectly and it’s called “” “Porteus Kiosk” is a kiosk edition of

a portable Linux OS based on Slack and it seems to be popular enough to have a Wiki article for it… I quickly downloaded the latest ISO (4.7.0 at the time of writing) and installed it to a flash drive, booted it up on the kiosk to test out and right away noticed some issues that I’d need to fix.
The issues were that the system didn’t have a virtual keyboard, like it wasn’t primarily targeted for touch info kiosks (but PK supports most touch devices out-of-the-box) and also in my case, Elo touch screen doesn’t support multi-touch (for scrolling for ex.) and so you’d need to drag the scrollbar.

But Firefox scrollbar for that Linux version is very thin and were out of touch bounds

therefore most pages couldn’t be scrolled down the traditional way.
I had to find solutions to these.
First I started digging around to see if there are some solutions posted on the forums or elsewhere and I came across three threads that had various methods to solve the same problem.
The threads I found were these: Solution to lack of virtual keyboard is to install a Firefox add-on ““, but I chose to install v3.0.0 (which I also in case it goes missing).

This plugin isn’t compatible with the latest and greatest of Firefox

only up to 57 I think, but “Porteus Kiosk 4.7.0” has a Firefox version of 52.8.1, so we’re good.
I chose that version because it has a nicer look and most importantly it can be resized, among other things.
And a solution to being unable to scroll websites is to install a Firefox add-on “” which is a v6.0 at the moment (and I also in case something breaks in new versions).
003-settings.xzm file.
For the whole modification process I used “Ubuntu 14.04.5” in a VirtualBox but any somewhat newer version will be ok.
Add-on “ScrollAnywhere” only supports Firefox 52 and above – and that’s the version PK 4.7.0 has.

But my version of Ubuntu doesn’t

so I downloaded version 52.8.1 from.
ScrollAnywhere once installed shows a button to access its settings, I had to hide it.
It can easily be done modifying a “chrome/userChrome.css” file, but I needed to figure out what to write in it to hide the button.
Following I found the correct ID to use and so I added this line to “chrome/userChrome.css”: #juraj_masiar_gmail_com_scrollanywhere-browser-action { display: none !important; }.
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Martin 1.
Setup Ubuntu in VM 2.

Downloaded Firefox to match Porteus version – (use “wget if needed) 3

Extract 4.
“apt-get remove firefox” to remove installed version 5.

Remove “.mozilla” profile from Home folder 6

Copy the extracted “firefox” folder to “/usr/lib/” 7.
Disable your network connection 8.
Run the extracted firefox from “/usr/lib/firefox” by running “./firefox” (running from here ensures paths are correct in various config files, .

Otherwise defaults to “Downloads” path 9

Disable auto updates from Firefox Settings 10

Enable network again 11.
Go to “about:config” 12.
Find “xpinstall.signatures.required” and change to false 13.
Install add-ons: 1.

Edit Fxkeyboard preferences: 1

Change “Available locales” to just “en” 1

Download Porteus Kiosk 4.8 (has Firefox 52.9) 2

Extract ISO in “kiosk” folder in home folder 3.
“cd /home/ubuntu/kiosk/iso/xzm” 4.
Run “unsquashfs 003-settings.xzm” (note the “fs” bit, different to guide) 5.
Navigate to “~/.mozilla/firefox/[insert profile folder here]” 6.
Copy folders: 1.
“extensions” 2.
“browser-extension-data” 1.
…….and files 1.
“addons.json” 2.
“extensions.ini” 3.
“extensions.json” 1.
Paste in “ ~/kiosk/iso/xzm/squashfs-root/home/guest/.mozilla/firefox/c3pp43bg.default” 2.
Edit the pasted “extensions.ini” to change the “extensiondirs” path to match that from the Porteus install “/home/guest/.mozilla/firefox/c3pp43bg.default”.
Edit scrollanywhere preferences: 1.
Gedit “~/kiosk/iso/squashfs-root/root/guest/.mozilla/c3pp43bg.default/chrome/userChrome.css” and add following line at the bottom 2.
#juraj_masiar_gmail_com_scrollanywhere-browser-action { display: none !important; } 3.

This will disable the options button in Firefox 1

sudo chown -R 1000:1000 ~/kiosk/iso/xzm/squashfs-root/home/guest 2.
sudo mksquashfs ~/kiosk/iso/xzm/squashfs-root ~/kiosk/iso/xzm/003-settings.xzm -comp xz -b 256K -noappend 3.
sudo rm -rf ~/kiosk/iso/xzm/squashfs-root.
Download 5.
Make executable “chmod +x” 6.
“cp mkisofs /usr/local/bin” 7.
“cd ~/Downloads/kiosk/iso” 8.
Fasi Mohammed.
I contacted the developer (fastaddons.com) for some insight, he guided me to use “managed storage” () so that the add-on uses the settings we define.
But, it needs I think extensive modification to the extension itself.
So I gave up on that.
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