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as an official thing players can do to earn XP

as an official thing players can do to earn XP

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Session summaries.
I first experienced session summaries, as an official thing players can do to earn XP.

In the [Affiliate Link] campaign

Graveyard of Empires, of over four years of Wednesday nights.
I’ve written about it many times.
The DM gives 150 XP per level, so at 7th level, .

I’m earning 1,050 XP per session

John, the DM, wants at least one player to do an “official” summary, but each player can participate.
We used a G+ group for this.

John carried on with that in the two year [Affiliate Link] campaign

and now the follow-up to the original campaign, called After The Fall, using [Affiliate Link].

The Stars Without Number game was posted to a Discord server

For After The Fall we are using a wiki software called that the GM hosts on his

I use session summaries that I write as GM for my games

to ensure I don’t lose track of anything.
I write them for the players.

As I know what the GM needs to know

but also sprinkle in some things they didn’t necessarily know to reward them for reading it.
I used the free site.
It requires manual formatting, but is simple, .

And one can export it to text or HTML

I first did this with my [Affiliate Link] campaign

The Broken Lands, and then the campaign, Delver’s Deep.
With Delver’s Deep I also put it into the Markdown editor.
Joplin has a desktop and an Android and iPhone app and it can be synced vie Dropdown or similar service.
How I run AD&DI Must Be Doing Something Right 2 thoughts on “Session summaries”.

Chris L Sheppard September 2

2020 at 12:31 pm I’ve been writing session summaries since re-engaging with role playing in 2011.
Since then I’ve written something like 250 session reports on my blog (and more recently on a campaign specific Facebook group as well).
I do it mainly for the first three reasons on your list: keep a ‘factual’ record of the game we can all reference, somewhere to catch up if you’ve missed a session or two, and a way to introduce the flavour of the game to a new or prospective players.
And quite honestly I enjoy writing them.
Not to mention having to pound out 1500-2000 words every week has improved my writing (God knows it needs the help!).
September 2, .

2020 at 12:58 pm Great

Glad to know I’m not alone.
Yes, the regular writing of 1,000+ words is great to improve both typing skills and writing skills.
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