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Perfect code together

Perfect code together


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Perfect code together.

Keep track of code changes with Backlog—version control software that lets you organize

discuss, and track work all in one place.
Set up private repos.
Backlog is fully integrated with Git and SVN so you can easily manage source code next to your projects.
Propose changes.
Make your code better.
Discuss changes or new features with team members before officially integrating them in a project.
Compare changes.
See differences between files.
Compare changes between branches to get an overview of which changes will be merged.
Comment on pull requests.
Have discussions inline with your code.
Add comments to comparison files between two branches of a pull request.
Keep track of commits.
See what changes have taken place.
Get a full list of commits that have happened in your project to monitor changes.
Document project details.
Bring version control to your documentation.
Have a record of all wiki changes to compare or restore previous versions at any time.
Customize Backlog to fit your needs by using one of our integration s or building your own.