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makes Crusader Kings III a very worthy successor

makes Crusader Kings III a very worthy successor

Crusader Kings III — A worthy successor to the grand-strategy throne

Crusader Kings III — A worthy successor to the grand-strategy throne.
The king is dead, long live the king.
On Paradox Interactive’s long-awaited, medieval grand-strategy sequel is upon us.
With Crusader Kings III the developer’s face a challenge; how do they successfully build on a game which ran for 8 years and featured over a dozen expansion packs, and how do they keep it accessible?.

Crusader Kings II released back in 2012

it spent a lot of time featuring a broken tutorial and as soon as it started gaining expansion packs a lot of the core gameplay was heavily tweaked and altered through both the new content and extensive free patches.

It’s safe that to say for better or worse (and I’m a big fan of CKII

so I’m in the ‘for better’ camp) the game is completely different than when it first started out.

As such Crusader Kings III comes from a studio which has gone through an immense journey

which is something that is reflected in the freshly released product.
With the previous game’s lengthy journey there were more than a couple of things which the sequel would need to address: Accessibility from the outset.

For new users; Its stance on the extensive content of CKII

for existing fans; and why it was time for a sequel when there is already a history of major updates.

It is clear that accessibility was a major focus when it came to designing CKIII

The tutorial handles most of the game features and a lot of work has gone into tooltips and general useability.
While the screen can get a bit cluttered at times there are no longer features which are buried more than four clicks deep into the interfaces, and suggestions and warnings are always on hand to guide players when they feel a little lost.
I remember watching a Youtube series, and reading an extensive Wiki before I felt competent at CKII — there was zero need for that here.
All of that said, Crusader Kings II has comfortably sat in the Steam Top 100 Concurrent Players List for the longest time, so maybe they’d have gotten by without such a tight redesign, but now we don’t need to find out.
I mentioned tooltips, these are actually probably the greatest addition to the game when it comes to the learning curve.
You can mouse over character names, titles, concepts and more, and small information windows will pop up.
If you then wait for the box to fill up (the background will darken, and the tip will gain a thicker pane) you can then dive into a further window from there.
You can, effectively, snake yourself hundreds of tooltips deep, like a late-night Wikipedia surf… the difference being that you’re probably cruising through to try and figure out how many cousins you have to kill in order to gain enough counties to land that sweet kingdom title you’ve been eyeing up.
It’s brilliant and, frankly, one of the smartest ways that a game has reminded me of its mechanics as gameplay continues — 4X games could definitely learn something from it.
There are also a few handy tabs added in where there wasn’t one before, your domains get a breakdown tab which highlights when you can build new buildings and shows the development of the area as well as any titles they are part of.
Religion, Culture and your dynasty are all just as accessible as key screens like Military, Court and Council, and there’s just, in general, been a massive effort put into making more important things available from the main, map view.
For returning players, one big worry could be how a new game builds its content when compared to the extensive history of the last game.
We’ve seen, with games like The Sims, sequels appear and be incredibly light in content — resulting in a glut of players sticking with the previous game until more content packs came out.
Crusader Kings III definitely takes some of the stronger elements from its predecessor: councils are in, the extended map is in, retinues are in and so is a whole bunch more.
As a matter of fact, most of what is missing is hard to put your finger on beyond a few of the quirkier stories.
The Aztecs suddenly appearing that’s out, as are the disease mechanics.
You won’t build up a treasury of goods and you won’t have to worry about China spilling over onto the map.
The Charlamagne starting point is gone, societies are gone and cardinals are out too.
But, .

Did I miss any of these from my seven or so CKIII campaigns

Nope, not really… there was so much interpersonal mingling by the revised features that I was busy enough to not really notice until I sat down to write this review.
What I did miss was the droves upon droves of events that have slowly trickled into CKII over the years, ultimately flooding it.
The weird Lunatic laws are gone, I’ve not had my child be the spawn of Satan, I’ve not filled the basement of a tavern with manure and detonated it as my rival stopped in, and I’ve not had my cat killed by a stray arrow while on crusade.
I have missed these little stories that form, but then I’ve also had plenty of memorable moments along the shall-we-say more traditional medieval format.
After a messy jaunt as the ruler of Strathclyde, which saw me shift through four generations within ten minutes due to a rather violent campaign against Jorvid, I decided to switch roles.
Within ten in-game years I had personally torn off the head of the son and grandson of the Strathclyde ruler, and Wessex’s famous Alfred had fallen in battle, never ascending beyond his throne in Dorset — leaving fate to his equally ill-fated brother.
Much like its predecessors.

Crusader Kings III still immediately steps away from historical the moment you hit play

but the revised features and mechanics make that feel fresh and new.
Perhaps the best example of this is in the character type which is assigned to them based on their core statistics.
These are phrases like Dishonorable Ravener, Rational Lackey or Evil Blackguard which each character has.
You’ll start to recognise light patterns in the behaviours of these characters, and a quick glimpse at it can save poring over each of their traits every time you look at them.
That said, .

There are more things to separate characters out than there was in CKII

The lifestyle system has been completely revamped so that you focus on one of your core five stats: Diplomacy, Marshal, Stewardship, Intrigue & Learning.
You’ll still have events fire which can call on each of these, but the one you picked will heavily influence the events.
Within each lifestyle, there are three trees which are littered with perks and, ultimately, traits, each helping you become a more refined leader.
You can also pick one of three styles of working through it, which give a passive bonus to related stats.
Children education focus is out, although as a guardian you’ll still make choices which define traits.
Most characters only have three to four of these traits — things like Just, Chaste, Diligent — which certainly feels like less than before, however, each one of them has much more of a role when the game is in play.
Shy, for instance, no longer affects a handful of interactions, adding a couple more conversation options; Instead, it completely overrides most of your interactions, giving you stress when you have to interact with people.
The stress system is a completely new mechanic and it basically exists like a dungeon master in tabletop RPGs — its job is to make sure that you keep playing your character within the simple trait-based ruleset that they exist.
A coward can suddenly do a brave thing, and they might do it well, but it’ll be very stressful for them.
A just ruler can still plot to murder somebody, but it will keep them up at night, which is represented in-game as stress.
Stress is an interesting one because it pulls together some of the damaging character traits from the last game into a web of negative traits gained from high stress; you can self-harm, become a drunk and more, if you don’t manage your stress, and it’ll keep happening until it calms down.
Of course, if you are a drunk then drinking does drop your stress levels, giving you a quick way to alleviate stress, however, you’ve still got that negative trait and the events which go with it.

The addition of the stress systems solves issues that existed in CKII

and similarly other features like secrets and hooks (wherein you can learn people’s secrets to get favours over them, and these secrets can form as a result of event string — eat a human to survive a hunt gone wrong and you’ll gain the cannibal secret) as well as the guest system — where claimants tour other courts and if you press their claim then they become your vassal — restructure the pace of the game and mean that there’s always the potential for chaos even if you slow the game down to the slowest speed.
There’s so much that couldn’t be touched on in this review, like how nice it is when the main menu shows your character, their spouse and heir, or when the characters hit little poses for certain actions.
It really does feel like no area has gone untouched when it came to updating the formula of the last game.
These improvements to pacing, refining of features and the fact that the new revision of the engine abolishes the chugging of content-heavy CKII, makes Crusader Kings III a very worthy successor.

Crusader Kings III is available now for PC

Mac and Linux.
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All Rights Reserved.

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365lyf.com All Rights Reserved 2018 Coller Theme by

2018 at 4:47 AM Great advice


How to Stop Playing Dating Games

by What up, players.
If there’s anything doing my podcast has taught me, it’s that everyone is playing games when it comes to dating.
Intentionally and unintentionally.
None of us are perfect at maneuvering through this new hyper-connected way of finding people to semi-regularly date with no labels until one or both of us ghost each other.
It’s tricky.
But, it seems like we could do better.
We might even save ourselves a crazy amount of time by holding ourselves to some higher standards of interaction.
Let’s start off by gettin’ real clear about what “not playing games” actually means.
Does it mean that you lay your emotional cards out on the table right from the get-go, demand immediate knowledge of the other person’s intentions on a first date, feel the need to be in a relationship asap, and are way too damn serious?.
Dear God, no.
The basic dynamic of human interaction still begs us to take time revealing our layers.
Choosing not to play games means you do your best to show up with an honest version of who you are and what you’re looking for while simultaneously valuing the other person’s time and your own.
Some of these points are actions we can take and some of them are just mindsets we can adopt.
We’ve got enough self-induced anxiety these days, so let’s see what we can do to steer clear of unnecessary dating dramatics, am I right.
Ask clear questions and give clear answers.
If there’s an issue that’s got your panties in a bunch, just ask the question.
Ignorance is bliss until you realize you wasted your life playing hide and seek with Truth.
Truth might be kinda blunt, but it’s mad efficient.
If they ask you a question about where things are going or what you’re looking for etc, etc, fill in the blank…just answer for real.
Don’t say what you think people want to hear.
Whatever you’re trying to get out of them could easily be found with another person.
Be more interested in finding what you actually want than with playing pretend with that person you know is a “WOT”.
Stands for “Waste of Time”.
Get with the lingo.
Just respond when you read it.
A key one for people like me with memory issues.
You don’t have to be glued to your phone and if you’re busy, you’re busy.
That’s fair.
But, if you do happen to read the message and you’re free to answer…just answer.
People appreciate being acknowledged.
If you don’t know the answer, drop a quick text that says you’ll get back to them in a bit.
I’ve seen how lightning fast those thumbs are.
Bang that text out and keep the inbox movin’.
If someone’s super bad at responding to you on the reg.
Signs of lackluster interest.
You know I’m right because you’re slow to answer people you’re “meh” about, too.
It’s nature.
Don’t lie to yourself about who you’re dealing with.
This one’s about not playing games with yourself.
Believe people when they tell you what they’re looking for.
If he/she is out here talkin’ about, “I’m not really looking for anything.

Just out to have fun.” Treat that like the damn truth

Don’t tell yourself you’re going to change that or that they will soon.
You slap an imaginary sticker on that person’s forehead that says “DCF”.
That stands for “Don’t Catch Feelings”.
And don’t even think about catching feelings for that person unless they directly tell you that that’s changed.
Can you still hang with this person.
Have fun if you’re down.
But, don’t get it twisted about what category they’re in.

If that person starts getting you more in your feelings than Drake

it’s time to spend your time elsewhere.
Always do your own thing, but don’t be purposefully unavailable.
Busy, motivated, social people with interests and talents are sexy.
That’s facts on top of facts.
Be that person simply because you’re walkin’ around in a temporary existence and you probably wanna get some things done.
But, if someone tickles your fancy along the way, don’t be weird about making some time for them.
Be like Nike and just do it.
Don’t wait for 7 hours because she made you wait for 3 hours or wait 4 days after the date to hit them up.
There are too many options out there for you to drop off the radar for too long without expressing some form of continued interest.
You better believe I (and any other human who thinks about all this nonsense) have a firm grip on which people are actually interested and which ones are getting in touch when they’re bored.
I’ll put you in that “HJB” category real quick.
Stands for “He’s Just Bored.” Obviously.
Vulnerability is strength.
When you’re trying not to play games, you might have to drop a moment of honesty on people from time to time and that ish can get crazy uncomfortable, but at least you’re out there sharing truths in a world where people are drowning in small talk.
If you want more down to the nitty gritty convo in your life, be willing to be the one to initiate it.
See if they meet you halfway.
Pro tip (like I’m a pro.
HA!): Easiest way to deal with being vulnerable is to release any and all expectation about outcome.
You’re sharing because it’s real and, sometimes, that has to be enough.
It also bears mentioning that not everyone deserves your vulnerability.
Don’t drop your emotions on a person that’s not giving you the time of day in the first place.
That’s a WOT.
You know this.
Develop boundaries.
Some people will treat you any way you let them treat you.
So, it’s important that you know what you’ll tolerate and what you won’t.
If they want to be around you, they’ll respect that.
If not, remove yourself from the situation.
If they ask why you dipped, tell them in a chill and honest way.
If they want to change it up, allow them the chance to.
If they continue it, talk to one of the other 7.7 billion people on this planet.
Don’t try to manipulate other people’s emotions.
Deal with your own.
Don’t flirt with other people in front of them to see if you can annoy them.
Don’t play the victim to see if you can get their attention.

People are out here tryin’ to win an Oscar for the movie they wrote

directed, and starred in called, “Manipulation”.
Stop all that.
If you’re feeling insecure or unsure, ask yourself why first and then bring it up to them if you’ve got enough of a relationship to do so.
Otherwise, realize that you won’t feel the need to control the feelings of a person that’s actually into you and makes sure you know it.
Keep it movin’.
Try not to ghost people you’ve actually met.
A toughie, right.
We’re interacting with so many people online through dating apps and Instagram that to tie a neat bow on every DM in the box would leave us with mental carpal tunnel.
But, if you’ve been on a date with this person…they’re like…real and stuff.
And now, maybe they’re contacting you on the reg to hang and are asking you what’s up…so just drop a friendly exit text if you know it’s not it.
From the people I’ve talked to, being fully ignored is more disheartening over time than just someone being gently upfront with you.
Accept that the other person might still be playin’.
You can’t control another person’s choices.
Players are gonna play.
Just because they’re doing it doesn’t mean you give yourself the excuse to join in.
Then, take it back to #6 when you’re starting to contemplate how much gaming you’re willing to accept before you look elsewhere.
Be kind.
Be honest.
Be “ADH”.
Stands for “A Decent Human”.
And, maybe most important of all, guess what else I’ve learned from all these hours of conversation with a range of different kinds of humans… I’m insecure.
You’re insecure.
Everyone is insecure.
Maybe not fully or all the time, but certainly in moments and when it comes to feeling slighted or rejected.
Internalize that and feel at one with your fellow man for a second.
Feels good, huh.
We all want to be accepted and for people to like us but, at the end of the day, we’ve gotta like ourselves enough to maintain standards that make us feel confident about the way we’re choosing to interact with people.
The natural bounce back will be attracting more of the right types of people for us and being less negatively affected by the ones that just aren’t it.
It always comes back to communication.
The people I trust most in the world are good at just saying what’s up.
Not in ways that are meant to be hurtful or harsh.
Just in ways that are real.
Even if the truth sometimes is, “I’m not even sure what’s going on.
I’ve got issues, triggers, .

And restless leg syndrome.” Pretty sure that’s all of us 86% of the time

If you’re not in the headspace to connect and just wanna do your own thing, then play on player.
Nothing wrong with being in that zone and finding the people that are down to do it with you.
But, if you’re looking to try and tackle this new age dating thing with a little more intention, give these guidelines a test drive next time you’re hittin’ that swipe life.

Challenge: Stop playing games for one month and let me know how it goes

I’ll take the challenge with you.
*I’m gonna jack it all the way up, but let’s do this ???? I’ll see you out in the dating battlefield.
Share this with a friend if you enjoyed these thoughts and make sure to check out my podcast, “We’re All Human with Courtney Diamond” to hear me and my guests work all this out in an auditory way.
single ‘Detroit: Become Human’ is Life The 5 Harsh Realities to Accept Right Now 4 thoughts on “How to Stop Playing Dating Games ”.
Gary December 15, 2018 at 4:47 AM Great advice.
Im divorced,and a very good man.
Caught my wife cheating with 8 diff men.
It alnost killed me but im much stronger now, i hope.
I cant find no one ,perhaps its my age,apperance,and maybe im not what any woman wants anymore.

Thank you for geing friends on IG

your a big help understanding these things.
PREOWNEDMALE Reply courtneydiamond December 15, 2018 at 9:34 AM So happy to hear that what I’m sharing is helpful.

Keep your head up ???? Use each day to take care of yourself and get a little better

Starting there will bring more of the right people to you and continue to build up your confidence.
Have a good one.

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Srijan April 14, .

2019 at 7:23 AM hello

you’re quite a wise lady.
i really liked reading you.
i like your personality.
it’s independent and inspiring.
also i was wondering, if maybe i could get to connect w you somewhere if that won’t be a problem ???? Reply.
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