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“We Must Risk Delight After a Summer of Monsters.” VICE

“We Must Risk Delight After a Summer of Monsters.” VICE

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As editor of the second edition of “Critical Discourse” for Critical Distance (please hold your applause to the end) on Danger featuring Gita Jackson, Aevee Bee and Nick Dinicola, I was a part of another exciting letter series.1 I’ve never had any direct contact with Dinicola even though he is a colleague of mine at PopMatters but his work … Aug 28, 2014Apr 7, 2015 Gamers are the Worst: and other personal thoughts.
If you’ve been paying attention to the world lately, than like me you’re probably a little angry, frightened and exhausted (Crabapple, Molly.
“We Must Risk Delight After a Summer of Monsters.” VICE.
Aug 28 2014.).
I feel this way even though none of these issues affect me directly: I could be perfectly unaware of them … Continue reading Gamers are the Worst: and other personal thoughts Jan 8, 2014Jun 15, .

2014 Thoughts on Games Writing and Community Involvement

Somewhere around the cusp of November-December my one hundredth article of videogame criticism was posted on PopMatters.
Shortly after, my fiftieth blog post of videogame/pop culture criticism on this website posted (not including housekeeping stuff).
If you look at my Published Work page and read some of my earlier work you’ll see what editors call … Continue reading Thoughts on Games Writing and Community Involvement.
Every New Years I get swept up in the same retrospective fever as the rest of the internet.
However, I never feel like I have enough to add to the conversation because most years I only have enough money to buy one triple A title a year (this year I haven’t even come to that, … Oct 1, 2013Dec 7, .

2014 Thoughts on Video Game Criticism

Can’t tell the difference between real art and high kitsch – Buck 65 So Grand Theft Auto V was released and Lana Polansky wrote everything that ever needs to be said about it (“Top Ten Grand Theft Autos: What the GTA V map size obsession tells us about our culture.” Medium.
Sep 26 2013.).
Actually, .

… Continue reading Thoughts on Video Game Criticism 2 4 Next page


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He does a strong job of contextualizing the current moment.
A primer on….
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Time to see a bad decision in action.
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