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By Robert Cram on August 26

By Robert Cram on August 26

Xbox Previews.

Wasteland 3 – 30 Minute In-Depth Gameplay Preview 4K

By Robert Cram on August 26, 2020 We already published our six minute video review today but here’s is a less formal and more in-depth look at inXile Entertainment’s post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3.
You can also take a peek of 1 hour 50 minutes of non-narrated gameplay some 2 hours into the story in the second video.
Read more No Comments Gamedec Gameplay demo build – Cyberpunk RPG Adventuring.

By Robert Cram on August 5

2020 We had a quick look at Anshar Studios cyberpunk themed role-playing adventure game, Gamedec at Gamescom 2019 and came away impressed with the promise it held.
Fast-forward almost one year and the team has had a successful Kickstarter campaign and as of yesterday released a demo build for its backers Read more No Comments Beyond A Steel Sky PC Gameplay 4K – A Quick Look at Cyberpunk-Themed Union City.

By Robert Cram on July 12

2020 Revolution Software’s (who also made the Broken Sword games) sequel to Beneath A Steel Sky entitled, Beyond A Steel Sky released this month on Apple Arcade.

The game comes to PC on July 17th with a release on consoles at a later date

This video showcases the game on PC Read more No Comments Wasteland 3 Gameplay Opening 2 Hours PC.

By Robert Cram on June 9

2020 Here is our third look at the upcoming Wasteland 3 on PC from inXile Entertainment.
It’s a bit more of an in-depth look at the opening gameplay from the beta.
On this occasion we went with two assault characters and focused on those skills.
Sadly we messed up the battle Read more No Comments Evolutis Gameplay Demo – CyberPunk Themed Adventure Game with Fighting.

By Robert Cram on April 21

2020 Poke Life Studios plans to release their cool looking cyberpunk themed story-driven adventure game Evolutis on consoles and PC.

Take a look at our Evolutis gameplay preview video or read the transcript

We’re really excited for this release as it’s looking pretty spectacular so far.
Today we’re taking a look Read more No Comments Wasteland 3 Gameplay – Customization and Opening Combat.

By Robert Cram on March 23

2020 We take a look at the Wasteland 3 gameplay from the beta.
Primarily looking at the character customization options alongside the opening combat mission.
There are plenty of options to create your team of either male or female desert rangers in this rather harsh world.
All looking very good thus Read more No Comments DOOM Eternal Gameplay Preview Video.

By Robert Cram on January 22

2020 Bethesda’s DOOM Eternal looks set to take gamers to the next level of visceral combat when it releases on March 20th on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch and Stadia.
All bases covered then.
The game comes as a direct sequel to the 2016 game DOOM and sees players return to Read more No Comments 1 2 … 27 28.

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