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Senior Vice President CPG & Retail

Senior Vice President CPG & Retail

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Digital underpins new levels of customer loyalty and engagement.
New approaches to digital customer engagement radically change client relationships for CPG companies – they have a direct impact on retail and distribution too.

Digital redefines insight and customer relationships for CPG companies

There are so many areas in which CPG companies are redefining relationships and opportunities through digital.
From mass personalization of packaged products through to value-added online services, the impact of digital transformation is everywhere.
But it’s about a lot more than marketing and communications strategies.  When consumers are permanently connected, active dialog with customers drives both loyalty and new business development for forward-thinking CPG companies.
Business and supply chain relationships change too.
New online sales and distribution models become an important complement, or even an alternative to relationships with more traditional retailers.
For even the most established brands, data-driven agility now becomes key to continuous and sustained advantage.  Knowing how to anticipate and exploit constantly changing opportunity demands a whole new digital skillset.
As a partner in digital transformation, Atos will ensure that the design and execution of your digital strategy remains intelligent, adaptive and focused.
the CPG industry will double in size in the next decade CPG startup funding has experienced an 8-fold increase in the last 6 years of customers are purchasing personalized products today Look at digital transformation in Consumer Packaged Goods from four perspectives … How can digital help you go beyond building enduring loyalty and actively involve customers in business development.
How can you achieve the production and distribution agility needed to respond to new opportunities while maintaining efficiency and margin.
Where will you find your new alliances and opportunities?  Where, for example, does your market intelligence deliver the greatest return in the digital economy.
Can you place a reliable digital trace on the history of every product in your value chain.
Key services for our Consumer Packed Goods clients Drive the new industrial revolution for sustained competitive advantage.
Using cognitive techniques, Atos Codex delivers meaningful, timely and comprehensive data analytics.
Envision and implement a focused, adaptive and creative digital transformation strategy.
Protecting products, reputation and customers with a 360 degree security and compliance perspective.

It’s time to optimize SAP HANA as your winning data platform

IT Services for CPG.
Design, build, integrate, .

Manage and outsource with CPG focused services

This customer reference video shares insights of Coca-Cola HBC’s digital transformation with Atos.
See why Atos is their trusted partner for IT services and digital transformation – from application management… The Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC), one of the world’s largest bottlers of Coca-Cola, is the first company to operate a large-scale rollout of Atos Codex’s pioneering Connected Cooler… Look Out 2020+ for Consumer Packaged Goods.
Moving from products to experiences.

Which business opportunities and key technologies will shape the future of CPG

Crediton Dairy.

Learn how Atos gave Crediton Dairy a new competitive edge with S/4HANA

Atos Thought Leadership Blog.
Blockchain breaks into the mainstream.
In the past few years, it has been important to explain what blockchains can do, and cannot do, and now we are really at the phase where the technology can become industrialized.
Terry Lobel.
Senior Vice President CPG & Retail.

Atos COO of Manufacturing

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