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an Italian equity crowdfunding portal

an Italian equity crowdfunding portal


Asset Service deals with buying and selling telephone credit on a monthly basis

where customers and suppliers are exclusively certified telephone operators.
The main objective of.
A crowdfunding campaign to save the world’s largest and oldest paddle steam fleet located in Dresden, with the aim to raise $118,000 (€100,000) run until August.
Flowdron”s crowdfunding equity campaign.

The marketplace for ENAC certified drone pilots and end customers

is now underway.
With the new capital coming in, the app will.
The Mexican fintech company Doopla managed to raise $480,000 from more than 600 people through a crowdfunding campaign on Play Business.
The platform estimated that the.
Opstart, an Italian equity crowdfunding portal, decided to rely on SEED Venture blockchain technology and started the tokenization of crowdfunding campaigns.

SEED Venture is a smart-contract

Regulations that were signed into Brazilian law on 28 February of this year have experienced a two month delay in their implementation.
The law, which was.
Crowdfunding campaign “Alleva la Speranza” (Breeding Hope) is boosting the economies of central Italian communities hit hardest by the 2016-2017 earthquakes.
Reeling from the additional economic.
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Why are investments in the fintech sector set to break records this year.

Gold mining in West African countries is booming

Keeping up with grain and other essential food commodity markets.
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