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I tested all of these myself with MOO off in a clean game

I tested all of these myself with MOO off in a clean game

The Sims 4 Plants and Planters.

Published on by With Eco Lifestyle came a brand new style of planter

a vertical design.
Not all plants can be planted in them though so I thought it helpful to compile a list of all plants and where they can be successfully planted to harvest.
I tested all of these myself with MOO off in a clean game.
If you are after more information about the plant and what it can do, head over to Carl’s excellent.
Harvestable Single Planter Large Planter Vertical Apple No Yes No Avocado No Yes No Basil Yes Yes Yes Begonia Yes Yes Yes Bell Pepper Yes Yes Yes Bird of Paradise Yes Yes Yes Bizarre Fruit No Yes Yes Black Bean Yes Yes Yes Blackberry Yes Yes Yes Bonsai Yes Yes No Carrot Yes Yes No Catnip Yes Yes Yes Cerebrerry Yes Yes No Chamomile Yes Yes No Cherry No Yes No Christmas Rose Yes Yes Yes Chrysanthemum Yes Yes Yes Coconut No Yes No Cow Berry No Yes No Crocus Yes Yes No Dahlia Yes Yes Yes Daisy Yes Yes Yes Death Flower Yes Yes No Dragon Fruit Yes Yes No Elderberry Yes Yes Yes False Morel Mushroom Yes Yes No Fang Flower Yes Yes No Fireleaf Yes Yes No Flutterberry Yes Yes No Forbidden Fruit Yes Yes No Garlic Yes Yes No Glow Orb Yes Yes No Grapes Yes Yes Yes Green Beans Yes Yes Yes Green Pea Yes Yes Yes Growfruit No Yes No Gutsberry Yes Yes No Holly Yes Yes Yes Huckleberry Yes Yes Yes Kava Root Yes Yes No Lemon No Yes No Lily Yes Yes No Madnip Yes Yes Yes Mandrake Yes Yes Yes Merry Berry Yes Yes No Money Tree No Yes No Morel Mushroom Yes Yes No Muckleberry Yes Yes Yes Museberry Yes Yes No Mushroom Yes Yes No Napnip Yes Yes Yes Noxious Elderberry Yes Yes Yes Nuzzlenip Yes Yes Yes Onion Yes Yes No Orchid Yes Yes No Parsley Yes Yes Yes Pear No Yes No Pineapple Yes Yes No Plantain No Yes No Plasma Fruit Yes Yes No Poison Fireleaf Yes Yes No Pomegranate No Yes No Potato Yes Yes No Quill Yes Yes No Razzleberry Yes Yes No Rose Yes Yes Yes Sage Yes Yes Yes Sixam Mosquito Trap Yes Yes No Snapdragon Yes Yes No Snow Drop Yes Yes No Soy Beans Yes Yes Yes Spinach Yes Yes Yes Strawberry Yes Yes Yes Taro Root Yes Yes No Tomato Yes Yes Yes Toxic Chamomile Yes Yes No Trash Fruit Yes Yes No Tulip Yes Yes No UFO Fruit Yes Yes No Valerian Root Yes Yes No Vimberry Yes Yes No Wolfsbane Yes Yes No.
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