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Stress test your VPN if you currently use one

Stress test your VPN if you currently use one

Your Business Strategy and Resilience

Posted on 17th March 202017th March 2020 by Our team are working hard to ensure that both borwell/CYBX and businesses of all sizes are prepared with their business processes, continuity and ongoing resilience.
This article will help to give you an excellent foundation to move to a fully remote business case if it is required over the coming weeks.
Have a transparent internal discussion – work with team members to discuss high level deliverables, coordinate tasking, specify how to communicate and arrange meetings.
Daily short verbal scrums between internal teams can massively boost confidence, productivity and improve your internal communication despite changes in the business atmosphere.
Make sure everyone is on the same page and focus on a 3-month plan to make sure the business is suitably prepared.
Coping mechanisms – if you do find the business transitioning quickly to fully remote work, make sure to have communication, and encourage departments and team members to work together to solve any issues that arise.
The measures are put in place to keep your workplace safe and keeping a business as usual ethic will drastically boost productivity.
Audit your internal IT equipment – There are a few key points here, we’ll break them down into sections so you can check them one-by-one.
Stress test your VPN if you currently use one.

While the VPN may be fully functional during much of your core business

it is vital to conduct a dry test run to make sure everything works as expected.
Schedule an hour out of your day and have your staff members disconnect from the office network, .

Hotspot on their phone and connect to the VPN instead

This will provide a very accurate simulation for a fully remote business case.
Review your existing IT configuration.
Are there any remote applications that team members need to be able to communicate with that might be blocked by your firewall.
Have you reviewed the firewall and anti-virus configurations on each device.
All devices should have a universal configuration, and users should not be able to tamper with their work device while they are out of the office.
Check your infrastructure.
Are your servers running smoothly.
Is there the chance that a server may become faulty while your team are working remotely.
If there is potential for this to happen, who is able to visit the office to remediate this?.
Team Communication – Implement software that assists your team for day-to-day communication.
If you are using Office 365, it is likely that you are already well established with Microsoft Teams.
This application is outstanding for coordinating teams, projects and setting up remote meetings for team members to work together.
Otherwise, consider implementing a solution that assists your team productivity.
Focus on communication, transparency and tasking.
Make sure everyone can clearly see the status of all activities.
All of the guidance provided above will give you a perfect head-start for your remote working journey.
If you have any doubts or concerns about the transition, or you would like guidance on transitioning or sanity-checking your processes, please do not hesitate to contact our team for more information on 01684 377980.

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What is Digital Transformation.
Winning work in lockdown – Part 1 Technology borwell Malvern Hills Science Park, Malvern WR14 3SZ, United Kingdom.
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Visual Studio Code ESLint Extention RCE ()

I decided to release my Microsoft Patch Tuesday reporting tool as part of a larger open source project ().
I named it Vulristics (from “Vulnerability” and “Heuristics”).
I want this to be an extensible framework for analyzing publicly available information about vulnerabilities.
Let’s say we have a vulnerability ID (CVE ID) and we need to decide whether it is really critical or not.
We will probably go to some vulnerability databases (, , , etc.) and somehow analyze the descriptions and parameters.
Such analysis can be quite complex and not so obvious.
My idea is to formalize it and make it shareable.
It may not be the most efficient way to process data, but it should reflect real human experience, the things that real vulnerability analysts do.
This is the main goal.

– analyze and group Microsoft Patch Tuesday CVEs

– collect and preprocess CVE ID-related data from NVD, Microsoft.com and Vulners.
– get Microsoft Patch Tuesday CVEs and filter vulnerabilities with public exploits (based on Vulners.com).
danger and relevance metrics counting ()and so on.
If you have good ideas please.
The help in coding will be also pretty much appreciated.
NET Framework, SharePoint Server, and Visual Studio ().
Remote Desktop Client ().
VBScript ().
Windows DNS Server ().
Windows Graphics Component (, ).
Windows Runtime ().
Windows Kernel ().
Windows DNS Server RCE (), called SIGRed, is the star of this Patch Tuesday.
It’s extremely critical and has existed for 17 years, affecting Windows Server versions from 2003 to 2019.

Getting RCE with only a DNS request is really impressive

Checkpoint guys made a with.
When this vulnerability was released, .

There was a feeling that there would be a public RCE exploit soon

But still there are only several and DoS exploit by , which looks workable, but for some reason is not present in the exploit databases, for example in.
Therefore, , as I mentioned above.
Indeed, searching for exploits and exploit validation are important tasks.
In second place, of course, RDP Client RCE ().

When a client connects to an infected server it become susceptible to an RCE attack

All versions from Windows 7 (and possibly earlier!) to the latest version of Windows 10 (2004) are vulnerable.
Of course, the exploitation of this vulnerability requires social engineering or Man-in-the-Middle attack.
NET Framework, SharePoint Server, .

And Visual Studio RCE () involves the deserialization of XML content

To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker could upload a specially crafted document to a server utilizing an affected product to process content.
VBScript RCE ().
An attacker would have to convince a user to execute malicious code through phishing or to visit a malicious website, where the user would download and execute a crafted file.
In fact, we see tons of these vulnerabilities every Patch Tuesday, but still no exploits.

Windows Graphics Component Elevation of Privilege vulnerabilities (, )

An attacker logs onto a vulnerable system and executes a specially crafted application to run processes in an elevated context.
Remote Code Execution (, , , , , ).
Elevation of Privilege (, , , , , , , ).

RCEs in Hyper-V RemoteFX vGPU (

, , , , ).
Microsoft patch simply disables RemoteFX functionality.
According to Microsoft: “RemoteFX vGPU has been deprecated in Windows Server 2019 and customers are advised to use Discrete Device Assignment (DDA) instead of RemoteFX vGPU.
DDA was introduced in Windows Server 2016.” DirectWrite ().
GDI+ ().
Jet Database Engine (, , ).
LNK ().
Microsoft Excel ().
Microsoft Graphics ().

Microsoft Graphics Components ()

Microsoft Office ().
Microsoft Outlook ().
Microsoft Project ().
Microsoft SharePoint ().
Microsoft Word (, , ).
PerformancePoint Services ().
Visual Studio Code ESLint Extention ().
Windows Address Book ().
Windows Font Driver Host ().
Windows Font Library ().
Bond ().
Local Security Authority Subsystem Service ().
Windows WalletService ().
Group Policy Services Policy Processing ().
Microsoft Defender ().
Microsoft Office ().
Microsoft OneDrive ().
Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code ().
Windows (, , , ).
Windows ALPC ().
Windows ActiveX Installer Service ().
Windows AppX Deployment Extensions ().
Windows CNG Key Isolation Service (, ).
Windows COM Server ().
Windows Credential Enrollment Manager Service ().
Windows Credential Picker ().
Windows Diagnostics Hub (, ).
Windows Error Reporting Manager ().
Windows Event Logging Service (, ).
Windows Function Discovery Service ().
Windows Kernel (, ).
Windows Lockscreen ().
Windows Mobile Device Management Diagnostics (, ).
Windows Modules Installer ().
Windows Network Connections Service (, , , , ).
Windows Network List Service ().
Windows Network Location Awareness Service ().
Windows Picker Platform ().
Windows Print Workflow Service ().
Windows Profile Service ().
Windows Push Notification Service ().
Windows SharedStream Library ().
Windows Storage Services ().
Windows Subsystem for Linux ().
Windows Sync Host Service ().
Windows System Events Broker ().
Windows UPnP Device Host (, ).
Windows USO Core Worker ().
Windows Update Stack ().
Windows WalletService (, , ).
Windows iSCSI Target Service ().
Connected User Experiences and Telemetry Service ().
Microsoft Edge PDF ().

Microsoft Graphics Component ()

Microsoft Office (, ).
Skype for Business via Internet Explorer ().
Skype for Business via Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML-based) ().
Windows Agent Activation Runtime ().
Windows Error Reporting ().
Windows GDI ().
Windows Imaging Component ().
Windows Kernel (, , ).
Windows Mobile Device Management Diagnostics ().
Windows Resource Policy ().
Windows WalletService ().
Azure DevOps Server ().
Microsoft SharePoint (, , ).

Microsoft SharePoint Reflective ()

Office Web Apps ().
Microsoft SharePoint ().

RCE in PerformancePoint Services ()

PerformancePoint is a SharePoint component and the vulnerability is similar to the Exploitation more likely SharePoint vulnerability () we discussed above.
Microsoft Word RCEs (, , ).
Exploitation of this vulnerability requires an attacker to send a specially crafted file to a victim, or to convince a user to visit a crafted website hosting a malicious file which the user must open with a vulnerable version of Microsoft Word.
Obviously, this is good for phishing.

Jet Database Engine RCEs (, , )

To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker must convince a victim to open a specially crafted file or visit a malicious website.
Visual Studio Code ESLint Extention RCE ().
To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker would need to convince a user to clone a repository and open it in Visual Studio Code.
Attacker-specified code would execute in the context of the current user, with the same rights and permissions.
Windows Modules Installer Elevation of Privilege () was mentioned by rapid7: “In this particular case, the Servicing Stack Updates released this month should been installed prior to installing the cumulative update/monthly rollup or security update patch.
While it was not explicitly outlined, following these directions from Microsoft for CVE-2020-1346 may have a direct impact on the order of operations when resolving other issues such as CVE-2020-1350.” Hi.
My name is Alexander and I am an Information Security Automation specialist.
You can read more about me.
Currently, the best way to follow me is my Telegram channel.
I update it much more often than this site.
If you haven’t used Telegram yet, give it a try.
It’s great.
You can also discuss my posts or ask a question at.
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| | | | AuroraBits 2015 | Developed By

Laurel Dsouza About Laurel Dsouza.
I am a Business Intelligence & Cloud Solutions Consultant (MCITP, MCTS, CCNP, VCP) based in the DC Metro area.
Check out my blog at https://www.solutionsdelve.com for real world IT solutions, tutorials and tips on BI, SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and related technologies.
Office 365 Groups is a membership service in Office 365 that allows team members to work in a collaborative workspace.

Office 365 Groups comes with conversations

files, calendar events, OneNote Notebook, PowerBI Workspace and project/task management tools.
In this post.

I will explain the features of Office 365 Groups

why do companies use it and [.
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Getting Started with SharePoint Hub Sites SharePoint Hub Site is a new site feature recently released in SharePoint Online that allows you to associate team sites and communication sites with a hub site.

SharePoint Hub Sites provide a shared navigation for all the sites associated with it

The sites associated also inherit the theme and [.
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How to Enable Versioning and Restore Files in SharePoint and One Drive SharePoint and OneDrive make collaboration so much easier and allows users to work on documents and spreadsheets at the same time.
We also have the ability to share documents with partners and vendors outside our organization and collaborate with them.
But there are [.

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One of the benefits of Office 365 and SharePoint Online

is the ability to share documents, calendars, lists, and tasks with external users and collaborate with partners and vendors in a single environment.
This feature is offered to anyone with an Office 365 subscription and setting it up is simple and easy.
Before setting up [.

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, , , ,.
SharePoint is the Intranet of Choice for many organizations, but it has been a struggle to get the out-of-the-box SharePoint Intranet to look modern and beautiful.
In the past, if you wanted to build a beautiful intranet for your organization, you had to hire a team of developers.
Not anymore.
With the introduction of [.

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, , , Read More.

In Part 1 of the series Integrating SharePoint Online and Power BI

we saw how we can create interactive reports in Power BI and easily embed them in SharePoint Online.
In this post, we are going to continue with the Power BI report, created and published earlier to SharePoint, using the Purchases List.
In this [.

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Read More Integrating SharePoint Online and Power BI Gallery Integrating SharePoint Online and Power BI.

Integrating SharePoint Online and Power BI

Integrating SharePoint Online and Power BI As a SharePoint User

you probably have interacted with data stored in a SharePoint list.  We use SharePoint Lists to collect and organize onboarding tasks, vacation requests, expense reports, sales numbers and so much more.
In the past, we have been using views to group and filter SharePoint data.

] By 2018-02-20T23:58:02+00:00 February 17th

2018 , 0 Comments Read More.
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Office 365 provides Exchange hosting

Cloud and Office 365 – Pillar – 2020-06-16T13:40:36-05:00 CLOUD AND OFFICE 365

Your company can’t afford to ignore the cloud.
Downtime isn’t an option and must be avoided to meet the demands of business, and costly onsite servers are no longer necessary to run a successful organization.
Cloud computing is here to stay, and now, it’s faster, cheaper, and easier than ever for small and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of cloud technology.
We provide best-fit solutions for our clients and often advise on cloud computing options like Microsoft Azure and Office 365.
Azure is a cloud environment that can host virtual servers with custom specifications and configurations.
Office 365 is just one cloud-based service that takes care of the things businesses care about most.

Office suite purchases are single-payment purchases intended for use on one computer

Office suites include applications such as Word

Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, but do not give access to cloud storage, Office Online or any Office 365 products.
These applications are not updated automatically, .

So companies must buy the latest version of Office again when it becomes available

Office 365 provides Exchange hosting, can replace file servers, enhances communication and collaboration, and comes with several cloud-based applications.

Office 365 plans are paid for through an annual subscription

Each license allows five installations of Office to avoid versioning conflicts

These plans give businesses access to the desktop and web versions of Office applications

as well as cloud-based storage and services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Skype for Business.
With Office 365, a company will always have the latest version of Office regularly updated with new features and experiences.

Businesses are drawn to Office 365 for Exchange Online

an email solution that doesn’t require companies to host their own servers.
However, many organizations don’t utilize Office 365’s other apps to help their companies work smarter—for instance, SharePoint enables remote access to your company’s files and eliminates the need for large amounts of onsite storage, and Skype for Business facilitates group communication and collaboration.

Office 365 is designed to adapt to your business’s needs

You can easily add or remove users, or increase your storage capacity to accommodate company growth.
This way, you’re sure to never be stuck with hardware you’ve outgrown or paying for storage you’ll never use.

Office 365 applications are fully integrated with each other

so teams can easily work and converse around various files and tasks.
Employees can co-author, edit and share documents and resources in SharePoint and other programs, as well as hold online meetings with Skype for Business.
In addition to the desktop and web-based versions of its applications, .

Each Office 365 service also has its own mobile app

Whether they’re out in the field or working from home, employees can access files anywhere, anytime.
Office 365 subscriptions offer access to several cloud-based services that can increase productivity, ease communication, and encourage collaboration.
Below are some key services that may be useful to your business.
Office With Office 365, your Office apps will always be current and can be installed on up to five devices per license.
Exchange Online Exchange Online is Microsoft’s hosted version of its email and calendar application.
The service offers reliable email, better collaboration, and enhanced security over other webmail platforms.
SharePoint SharePoint is a cloud-based storage and collaboration platform that functions like an intranet site, allowing users to create, store, and share information.
SharePoint is quickly replacing the need for onsite file servers, allowing access to files from anywhere so long as a user has an internet connection.
OneDrive OneDrive is another cloud-based storage platform that lets users access and share files from anywhere.
Think of OneDrive as your employees’ personal drive that also allows them to share individual files and folders with others.
OneNote OneNote is a note taking program used by individuals or groups that gathers and organizes notes, drawings, and screenshots.
OneNote is easily accessible on all mobile devices.
Skype for Business Skype for Business is a communication platform that uses instant messaging, video conferencing, calling, and screen sharing to bring employees and remote partners together.
Teams Teams is a communication app that combines chat, meetings, notes, and attachments.
The service makes it easier for groups to collaborate on projects and tasks.
Yammer Yammer is an internal social network service that allows employees to quickly share files and updates, as well as discuss projects, campaigns, and more.
Most likely, you’re probably already using some version of Office.
So, it’s not a matter of whether Office 365 is right, but rather which parts of Office 365 are right for your business.
You may also be wondering when to move to Office 365.
Many companies make the switch when it’s time to replace their Exchange server.
Microsoft stopped providing mainstream support to Exchange Server 2010 in January 2015 and extended support will end in January 2020.
Migrating to Office 365 will eliminate the need to purchase and maintain hardware and software.
Additionally, once you migrate you’ll never need to upgrade to a new version of Exchange—you’re always using the latest version with Office 365.
Before choosing a path, your company’s C-suite should meet with an IT consultant to develop an Office 365 strategy designed to help you fully capitalize on your technology investment.
By What is Microsoft 365 For Business.
Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, is Microsoft’s solution for business productivity, communication, collaboration, and security.
With a Microsoft 365 subscription, your.
, , ,.
By What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice.
Microsoft 365 Business Voice adds cloud-based telephony to Teams, creating a single place for your business’s communication and collaboration needs.
Business “Aldridge has been a great partner to work with.
They are honest, flexible and competent.” “I have been fortunate to have the services of Aldridge and can, without pause, recommend the company for you IT services and support.” Weldon G., Jones, Granger, Tramuto, & Halstead “We have enjoyed working with Aldridge; we especially like being able to call them and get someone on the phone right away when we have an emergency.
They have been very attentive and detailed with our needs.
We really appreciate their work.” Yesenia S., VerAvanti “As a long term client of Aldridge, I have always been impressed at the high levels of service provided by their team.
They are certainly a stand out in the managed IT support sector.” © 2020 ALDRIDGE.

We have tenants in the 3M BIC from a range of sectors

for the 3M BIC COVID-19 update.
Scroll    ___________________    Office and Lab Space.

Choosing an office to rent within the 3M BIC offers up lots of benefits for businesses

whether you’re looking for your first office to house your new start-up or need a larger office space to accommodate your growing team.
Designed to be flexible, our office space for hire can flex with your business and is the perfect base for growth-orientated and/or knowledge-intensive businesses, situated within a modern, .

Secure and accessible building and well-located for both Leeds and Manchester

We have 26 offices, as well as co-working facilities with hot desks for start-ups and small companies.
Our unique combined office and lab spaces remove the need for two separate rooms.
Office Space Lab Space Prices start from £450 + VAT per month for a starter office and up to approx.

£1,900 + VAT per month for a larger space for 10-15 people

Our unique combined office and lab spaces remove the need for two separate rooms.  Connected through an adjoining door, businesses can research in the laboratory and record their findings immediately next door in the office.
We have tenants in the 3M BIC from a range of sectors, including manufacturing, MedTech, software designers, pharmaceutical, chemicals, IT to metrology.
We have a 3M BIC Environmental Group that champions the sustainability agenda in the centre and develops initiatives in support of our “Having a presence at the 3M BIC is great for us.
We started out in a smaller lab, but outgrew it, so we moved into a bigger space.
The team at the 3M BIC helped us kit out the lab with a fume cupboard and a washing machine, which we use when we are working with detergents to see if they change the colour of clothes.
We also have access to a centrifuge, which is a huge bonus as it’s free to use and means we don’t need to buy one.” “Being a small business is always higher risk, so being able to make decisions quicker to reduce those risks is crucial in our product development process.
Having additive manufacturing technology on our doorstep allows us to create proof of concept prototypes that gives us the confidence to activate larger scale production.
The time from concept to reality is reduced dramatically which is a huge benefit.” “We have been a tenant in the 3M BIC for a number of years and find the office space, staff and facilities second to none.
It is a real asset to our business to have an office alongside other entrepreneurial and technology based enterprises in the centre and to mix with businesses in the Kirklees area that come in to the 3M BIC.” Get in Touch.
Consent I agree to the.
​ © 2020 3M BIC CopyrightWebsite by Email.
Consent I agree to the.
Office and Lab Space.