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cheats and strategies for Papa Pear Saga Level 116

cheats and strategies for Papa Pear Saga Level 116

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2017 by Papa Pear Level 116 Cheats and Tips.
Here are all the tips, cheats and strategies for Papa Pear Saga Level 116.

In level 116 of Papa Pear Saga you must remove 42 Blackberries

This level is really hard, .

But our tips will help you get through Papa Pear Saga level 116 in no time

Papa Pear Saga Level 116 Cheats Tip #1: The Watermelon Seeds Will Hel

The Watermelon seeds are going to shoot out.
The seeds will not hurt your papa pear.
In fact, the seeds will give you extra bounces to your Papa Pear.
Having extra bounces will lead to more hits on the berries, which will allow you to collect them to reach your goal.
Remember you need to get three bounces on a berry, in order to collect it.
You can also bounce your papa pear off of the watermelon.
But if you bounce it off a watermelon too many times, the watermelon will disappear.

Papa Pear Saga Level 116 Cheats Tip #2: The bubbles and green objects

The bubbles will cover most of the berries in this level.
You’re going to have to bounce a papa pear off the bubble at least 2 to 3 time, in order for the bubble to disappear.
The green objects are every where in this level.
The green object will be your biggest challenge; you need to avoid hitting them.
They will pop your papa pear.
The best way to rid yourself of the green objects completely is by hitting them with Fire Papa Pears.

Papa Pear Saga Level 116 Cheats Tip #3: Start from the bottom

You’re going to want to start from the bottom of the board.
When you start from the bottom you increase your chances for more bounces.
And by aiming your papa pear from the bottom, you will avoid the green objects that are all at the top.
This will leave you with enough Papa Pears to use for the top of the board.

Papa Pear Saga Level 116 Cheats Tip #4

If you’re having trouble still with Papa Pear Saga level 116

checkout this video below to see how to beat the entire level of Papa Pear Saga level 116.
This will be sure to help you, get you passed the level, and give a visual to everything we’ve discussed for level 116.
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