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what we call ‘value-adding’ PMOs

what we call ‘value-adding’ PMOs

5 things I wish I’d known for my first PPM implementation

PM3 is an intuitive tool and our mission is to improve project and programme success

Implementing PM3 is one part of this mission

This blog looks at the 5 things I wish I’d known before we started implementing PM3 at clients.
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What are the critical aspects of Programme Leadership

What are the big mistakes to avoid and key areas to focus on if you want to ensure success.

In this blog our MD and PMO expert

David Walton, shares some of the most important lessons learnt from years of running transformational programmes and conducting programme reviews for clients.
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After Covid-19, organisation s need to reconfigure and work out how to survive and thrive in the ‘new normal’.
Projects will be axed, and some new ones will be launched; probably in cost reduction or recovery.
How do you work out what to invest in for the future and which projects continue.
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The NHS has possibly faced its greatest ever challenge in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this blog our in-house PMO expert

MD David Walton, explains how our PMO/PPM tool PM3 has helped staff to plan and manage resources during this unprecedented crisis.
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Steering Committee reports are a part of a project managers working life

but one that we all struggle to get right from time to time.
In this blog, our PMO specialist David Walton takes you through the top 3 reports that clients produce using our PPM Tool, .

PM3 [

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Project management risk is something we all face as PMOs on a daily basis

But how much of our decision making is guided by fact, and how much by subconscious psychology.
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The majority of PMOs that are, what we call ‘value-adding’ PMOs, will need to produce dashboards that inform senior management on the health of various portfolios or programmes.
This blog looks at how to develop a value-adding dashboard using best practice [.
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Impact assessment have become a part of business life in the modern world and are a key feature of governance and oversight for projects and programmes.
Here, our Principal Consultant David Bowen-Cassie outlines how Impact Assessments can be used to improve engagement in both project delivery and governance design.
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