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Download QR-Code Colors United FuryLion

Download QR-Code Colors United FuryLion

Colors United.
Posted on November 7, .

2015 by • 0 Comments Graphics – 10/10

Gameplay – 9/10.
Replay Value – 8/10.
Originality – 4/10.
Professional User Interface.
Free to Download.
Grows Repetitive.
Lacks Originality.
The most colorful puzzle game is here.
Now with Multiplayer mode! Warning: This game can be addictive in massive ways and impair your visual health. Expand the borders of your territory by capturing surrounding objects that are as complex as they are deceptively colorful and try to unite the entire screen/field under the same tone in the given time. Play either solo in stage mode or oppose a friend in the battle mode. Colors United’ is the most vibrant puzzle game ever! This is a free, delicate, and a very jazzy matching game based on six different colors and four different geometrical shapes.
The goal is simple – to paint the whole game board with one color in given moves.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue or Violet … Think twice, and choose the correct one that will enable you to pass the level without exceeding maximum moves. The app already has 75 levels plus a multiplayer mode and you can expect new content to arrive soon! Solve puzzles, unlock new levels, collect stars, and play against friends! The game has three different modes: Stage: Here, you have to be very conscious and try to acknowledge the setting of game field in order to complete the levels without exceeding the maximum steps.
Also in this mode, you can expect to find bonuses in every level that will grant access to bonus levels full of wonders.
Obtain these bonuses and enjoy the oncoming surprises. Multi-play: Compete with online players and become #1 by beating all of them. Battle (opposition mode): In this mode you are not alone.

Your opponent can either be a friend or the AI

The win condition of the battle mode is to outplay your enemy and capture more fields than the opponent.
Pursue your opponent, and do your best when you find yourself at the right occasion.

4 Different Elements: Square Circle Diamond Hex

6 Tones: Yellow Red Violet Green Blue Orange

Tutorial for beginners.
75 levels from easy to hard.
15 bonus levels with unique surprises and characters.
Facebook, Twitter, vk integration.
Complete achievements and see your rank.
Billions of draft and combinations.
Download Colors United.
Download QR-Code Colors United FuryLion.
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