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Datacenters in US East Coast Reston

Datacenters in US East Coast Reston

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Global Datacenters.
High-density Datacenters in Europe & North America Facilities & Services.

Appnor operates its own infrastructure in Bucharest

We own all the equipment we sell directly or as a service to our customers.
We are present in major data centers around the world, where we rent racks and deploy our infrastructure plus communications.
In all our datacenters you get:.
Fully Redundant Infrastructure.
N+1 or 2N configurations.
Physical Security.
Monitoring, restricted access based on magnetic badge and biometrics.
Excellent Network Backbone.
10G+ fiber networks.
Internet Connectivity.
Multiple providers, .

Blended IP service aggregated by us or directly accessible

Fully Automated Infrastructure.
Everything can be remotely managed.
Certified, Audited Data Centers.

Depending on location: Tier2 – Tier4

ISO 27001 or SAS70 Type II.
Points of Presence.
By being present in multiple locations we help you reach your customers better and faster.
Your data can be backed-up and replicated between these locations.

The disaster recovery solutions we offer leverage our multi PoP setup

Datacenters in US East Coast Reston, VA, Washington DC Meto Area.
West Coast Sunnyvale, CA, Silicon Valley Area.

Datacenters in Europe Western Europe London

UK – Lyon, France – Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Eastern Europe Bucharest, Romania – O&O Appnor.

Traditional Data Centers can accommodate up to 4KW/rack

because of the technical limitations of the cooling systems.
Nowadays a rack filled with blades and storage can easily use 20KW/h.
High computing density is achieved by small size multicore servers, designed for cloud, virtualization or HPC.
They offer huge amounts of computing capacity, but require significantly increased power and cooling resources.
Lately, the size of datacenters is no longer measured in racks or square meters, but in usable electrical capacity.
Our datacenters are designed to host high-density loads, using hot air containment systems for efficient cooling.
Because they are designed to be high-density, not retrofitted, all the racks can be filled to the brim with servers.
Efficient cooling means less total power consumption per server and lower total costs.
When you launch a new project very often you don”t focus on technical scalability future issues.
You kind of pray to have those kind of problems.
In our case I think we prayed a little too much as we were in big tech problems before meeting Appnor.
Appnor provided for eRepublik the scalable infrastructure that we needed to offer a professional online game service.
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