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Category: Silly.
Roleplaying the silly way.
September 8, 2014September 8, 2014 1 Comment I want to talk about a couple of games I played this year that deviated quite dramatically from the script of what I’d normally play.
Both of them pretty silly games, in different ways .
Both of them really enjoyable.

The first is Grunting: the Race for Fire

by Jennifer Spencer.
The game is about playing […].
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May 14, 2013May 14, .

2013 8 Comments We moved into our new house last week

Here is a nice picture of the hall the day we moved in.
Pretty messy, but you can see we’ve got some nice wooden cabinets built into the wall.
…I wonder what we could put in those.
Mmmmm, board games .
Mmmmm, roleplaying games .
I found another couple […].

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July 14, 2012July 22.

2012 Leave a comment “Hi

I just wondered how you protect your blog against spam.
I get a lot of spam on my blog so I’d really appreciate any advice.
Put it up here so everyone can see it!” …clever.
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