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High Speed Inserter for Letters and Flats

High Speed Inserter for Letters and Flats

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High Speed Inserter for Letters and Flats.
Base Cycle Speeds (insertions/hr) 25,000 for letters 18,000 for 6” x 9” 8,000 per hour (with input channel) Envelope Sizes Minimum: 4” x 7” (100 mm x 180 mm) Maximum: 10” x 13” (254 mm x 330 mm) Input Channel Choices High-speed cut sheet feeder: Up to 50,000 sheets per hour High-speed continuous form cutter: Up to 80,000 sheets per hour.
Highly robust cut sheet and continuous form input channels with heavy-duty folding for low-to-high page count applications.
Automatic rejection of collation errors in both the input channel and the base system increase productivity.
Feeder flexibility.
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High Speed Inserter: Where Flexibility Meets Efficiency

Take your transactional mail operation to the next level without sacrificing flexibility, integrity or cost per piece.

Bell and Howell’s Producer 400EVO high speed inserter takes on flexible

high-speed processing of letters and flats.

The Producer 400EVO boasts cycle speeds of up to 25,000 per hour for letters

as well as 8,000 per hour for flats.
The transactional mail inserter offers high-speed continuous form and cut-sheet inputs, with a robust heavy-duty folder for high-page counts.
Available features include the sub-setting for folded and flat applications and automatic fold plates.
In addition, a format turn allows the operator to quickly change from flat to folded applications.
With four different types of feeder options available, the Producer 400EVO allows your operation to yield both the highest possible performance and application flexibility.
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