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There’s no doubt that kids love Sesame Street

There’s no doubt that kids love Sesame Street

General Learning.
When kids get online, they typically want to talk with their friends and play mindless learning games.
However, parents and teachers often want them to spend some time learning something too.
General learning websites hook kids with cool facts, activities, and games, so they’re learning while having fun online.
The general learning sites found on Best Kids Websites will entertain kids with a wealth of information and activities.
Many of the sites combine knowledge with games, so kids will think they’re playing a game, but will actually be learning math, science, history, and other information as they play.
Sesame Street.
There’s no doubt that kids love Sesame Street.
This fun, dynamic website offers a variety of interactive games, .

Videos and songs featuring all of your child’s favorite Sesame Street characters

Tap-the-keyboard and simple clicking games are even available for your youngest children.

Games and videos are sorted by topic and age level

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PBS Kids is without a doubt the mecca of educational games and programming for kids

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Created by certified school teachers, this award-winning website features free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students.
The games and activities cover areas such as math and language arts.
Activities are organized by grade-level.
ABCya has also developed many smartphone apps featuring their most popular games and resources.
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Fun School, brought to you by Disney Online, has been designed to make learning fun.
Children can play educational games and take polls.
Parents and teachers can access craft videos, worksheets and other resources to help them find activities to enjoy with their children.
The website is geared toward elementary students and a special section is available for preschoolers.
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Educational Freeware provides reviews of a large selection of software designed for educational purposes.
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Online educational games are a fantastic way to supplement learning and allow kids to further develop their skills while having fun.

Learning Games for Kids features math facts and math games

along with language arts and science resources.

It has everything you need to help your Pre-K through elementary children enjoy learning

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BrainPop produces animated, curriculum-based content that strives to help students and educators learn.
A few of BrainPop’s lesson plans and videos are offered for free, but access to the entire collection of resources requires a subscription.
A special educators’ community is designed to provide teachers with resources to improve their teaching and collaborate with educators throughout the world.
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FunBrain was developed for kids in Pre-k through 8th grade

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Nussbaum offers lesson plans, interactive presentations, games and other resources related to nearly every subject.
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Brad Sheppard has created this educational software and online games website with the purpose of making learning fun.
Basic skill games are available for preschool and kindergarten children and games for older children are organized by subject.
They range from simple matching games and puzzles to interactive scenarios.
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