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and the model and OS version of the hardware you are using

and the model and OS version of the hardware you are using

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Cus tom er Support.
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Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel for product videos and tutorials: Binary Formations on YouTube u Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Please take a look at our FAQ pages for the answers to the most commonly asked questions : Chore-inator FAQ Home Inventory FAQ My Reasons FAQ Too Phat FAQ  Email Us.
If you have any questions , comments, or problems concerning any of our products, please email us at [email protected]
For media and business related inquiries, please refer to our company contact page.
If you are sending an email about a problem, please include as much detail as possible to help us troubleshoot , such as: the steps you went through to encounter the problem, the exact text of any error message(s) you received, and the model and OS version of the hardware you are using.

If you haven’t checked the Frequently Asked Questions section above

you may want to try that first as you may find a solution to your problem more quickly.
Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am until 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
We do our best to respond to support emails within one business day (often much sooner than that).
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The Best Training and Support in Transit

Training and Support.
Training and Support.
Training and Support.
The Best Training and Support in Transit.
Even the best transit software would fail without training and support.

We know how important it is to teach your team how to use myAvail

and we know how important it is to address urgent and non-urgent requests.
We know that this kind of training and support takes professional, talented people who are available 24/7.
And that’s what we provide: industry-leading support, .

From the start of your engagement with Avail through the end

Technical, business and strategic support.
Proactive training and ongoing education for your team.

Regular webinars and events to talk to peers using myAvail

Choosing and installing a new transit software provider is a long, rigorous process.

With Avail’s Follow-on Adoption Services and Training (FAST™) team

you get a single point of contact who takes your team through the decision-making process and oversees installation and training.
Your FAST™ contact knows your agency inside and out—and they’re always available for strategic advice, additional training and general support.
Single point of contact to walk with your team from early proposal stages through adoption, training and ongoing support.
Strategic experts with years of transit experience.
Your success is our priority.

Whether you’re deploying a new installation of myAvail

adding a new feature or just improving your team’s skills, training matters.
Avail is dedicated to strong, supportive training programs at all phases of the customer journey.

If you’d like to explore how Avail’s training can improve your agency

contact us.
Work with employees at any/all levels of your agency to ensure consistent and efficient use of myAvail.
Get advice not only on myAvail, but also on best practices and industry standards for small and mid-sized agencies.
Develop ongoing relationships with trainers.
Customer Support.
When you need immediate support, .

Contact Customer Support (via your myAvail portal or [email protected])

We know myAvail is a critical part of your agency’s operations

and your agency needs to operate on time.
That’s why we’re on call 24/7 to take immediate action when you have a problem.
24/7 support.
Contact with acute problems/needs and have them resolved promptly.
Serve your riders better with quick resolution to problems.
With Avail, our staff—both agency and contract-operations—have benefited greatly by the increase in transparency.
Need myAvail support.
We are here to help.
National Users’ Conference.

Thank you for attending our first National Users’ Conference

This year’s National Users’ Conference featured breakout sessions

round table discussions, expert panels,.
Meet the Voice Behind the Bus.
State College, PA — March 27th 2018 — Centre Hall native, Theresa Heiser, leads an out of the ordinary life.
Along with being a writer, a pastor, a producer, a graphic.
Avail Acquires Fleet-Net.
State College, PA – October 4.

2017 – Representatives from Avail Technologies

and Fleet-Net® Corporation announced this week that they have finalized a deal outlining Avail’s.
See All News 1960 Old Gatesburg Rd., Suite 200 State College, PA 16803 9183 W.
Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89147 Connect with Us.
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– Get answers to your questions here

– Get answers to your questions here.
Bid Support.
Need help winning a bid.
ARLINGTON can help.
Engage us to improve your chances of winning larger opportunities.
Our experienced team of bid specialists will work directly with you to make sure you have the best response to win.

Engage Us How  W e  H elp:

Strong Vendor Relationships.
Huge Buying Power.
Brand Selection.
Warranty Support.
Value Add Services.
Nationwide Delivery.
Common Bid Scenarios:.
Public Sector.
Vertical Markets.
Enterprise Accounts.
National Accounts.

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– Get answers to your questions here.
Bid Support.

Innovatie & Support: van idee tot uitfasering in goede handen

+31 53 4336633.
Innovatie & Support 2017-08-03T08:00:24+02:00 Innovatie & Support: van idee tot uitfasering in goede handen.
Als het product geproduceerd en geleverd is, gaan we nog een stuk verder.
We kunnen technisch support leveren op de door ons ontwikkelde producten.
Ik wil meer weten over Innovatie & Support Ook kan 3T productinnovaties verzorgen: het verlengen van de levenscyclus door middel van een redesign, het doorvoeren van kostenreducties of het toevoegen van nieuwe functies in het product.
Wij hebben alle kennis in huis voor de levenscyclus van uw product: van idee tot en met uitfasering.
Een product is bijna nooit geheel uitontwikkeld.
In de levenscyclus van een product ontstaan telkens nieuwe wensen, bijvoorbeeld nieuwe functies of wensen tot lagere kostprijzen.
Ook komt het voor dat bij producten die lang leverbaar moeten blijven, bepaalde componenten niet meer leverbaar zijn.
Wij kunnen deze nieuwe productwensen realiseren door de complete levenscyclus van een product op ons te nemen.
Zo weet u zeker dat uw product altijd in goede handen is.
Niet alleen onze designs.
Is het product niet door ons ontwikkeld.
Ook dan kunnen wij productinnovaties doorvoeren.
Ons ervaren team kan snel een bestaand design op basis van beschikbare documenten en broncode analyseren en met een voorstel voor de gewenste innovaties komen.
Of het nu gaat om ROHS compliant maken of redesignen van het product vanwege end-of-life componenten.
Wij hebben de ontwikkel- en productiekennis in huis om dit voor u te realiseren.
Ondanks alle zorg die wij besteden aan de kwaliteit van een door ons ontwikkeld product komt het voor dat support nodig is.
Naast de garantie die 3T geeft op de door ons toegeleverde producten, kunnen wij op basis van een service level agreement, 2e of 3e lijns technisch support leveren op deze producten.
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