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I love NY Watch Pigeon vs

I love NY Watch Pigeon vs

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fascism 1940s anti-fascist cartoons updated with Trump as the dictator Mark Frauenfelder.

Law Cops kill Portland shooting suspect during arrest Rob Beschizza

anti-science Sandwich store makes valiant attempt to educate covidiots Mark Frauenfelder.
/ /.

Tabloids Prince Harry a drug kingpin

Bill Clinton”s latest sex scandal, and escaping Scientology, in this week”s dubious tabloids Peter Sheridan.
These 20 camping essentials make camping feel like…not camping.

John Waters designed this great poster for the New York Film Festival

unicorns Use this to generate one-of-a-kind unicorn avatars.
recreational lockpicking How to open a vodka bottle anti-theft lock.
fiberoptics Lovely demonstration of the optic part of fiberoptic cable.
explainer videos How data error correction works.

Trump Trump”s border wall will fail

according to engineering report.
custom van Custom van that drives upside down and backwards.
john boyega John Boyega opens up about racism and STAR WARS in a GQ Interview.
I love NY Watch Pigeon vs.
Rat, a decidedly NYC brawl.
parable of the sower Octavia Butler just made the NY Times Bestseller List for the first time ever — 14 years after her death.
mistakes ”Casket” in river turns out to be concrete dock.
tragedies Trailer for new docuseries about the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.
materials science Programmable, 3D-printed fabric that can “remember” its original shape and transform into new ones.

Holes Mysterious crater appears in Siberian tundra

bowl hockey My dog Pretzel is the Mario Lemieux of bowl hockey Jason Weisberger.
GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER rest in power “Anarchist Anthropologist” David Graeber, credited with coining “The 99%,” has died.

Chefs Watch this superhero chef use her incredible superpowers to make Mooncake

Kayak Watch these kayakers pass through extremely narrow rapids in Chile

Delightful Creatures Allligator pursues laser pointer.
supercooling Fun home experiments with supercooled water.
vertical video Dog pursues toy lamb mounted on radio-controlled truck.
Sylvan Esso Sylvan Esso set their latest music video in the Animal Crossing world Rusty Blazenhoff.
sandfall Aquarium owner shows how he added a sandfall, or sand waterfall.
nuclear technology Climate change is spreading radiation from Chernobyl over 2,000 miles away.
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