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Tech Plastics (UDCT) and a Windows enthusiast

Tech Plastics (UDCT) and a Windows enthusiast

///Windows 10 Remote Desktop App UWP Client Version Latest Update Available For Download And Install For Insider Participant s Contains Many New Features Windows 10 Remote Desktop App UWP Client Version Latest Update Available For Download And Install For Insider Participants Contains Many New Features.
2 minutes read Windows 10 Microsoft has released the latest version of the Windows 10 Remote Desktop App.
The Client side of the Universal Windows Platform App (UWP) has been completely rewritten with aspects such as universal compatibility, speed, reliability, and performance aspects, given precedence.
There are several new features and functionalities that Windows 10 OS users running the Client edition need.

Microsoft has released a major update for the UWP version of its own Remote Desktop App

The update includes some much needed and important features including complete Dark Mode, ARM64 and x64 support, and better functioning with files, Azure Directory , etc.
Windows 10 Remote Desktop App UWP Client Version Latest Update Released For Windows Insider Participant s:.
Microsoft has released, what it claims, .

Is a completely re-written Windows 10 Remote Desktop App UWP Client

The UWP app now uses the same underlying RDP core engine as the iOS

macOS, and Android clients.
The program also supports ARM64 CPUs.

The Azure Resource Manager integrated version of Windows Virtual Desktop

and a dark/light mode.

The update brings up the version of the Remote Desktop App to 10.2.1519

In the latest version, Microsoft has added the ability to create backups of desktop environment s and then restore them.
The new UWP RDC application can now automatically detect whether the user is using a new or classic version of the Windows Virtual Desktop.

Microsoft has also addressed a few bugs

From now on UWP Client Tool users shouldn’t have problems copying files from local storage .

Microsoft assures all buttons should work correctly again

Windows 10’s UWP Remote Desktop app just got a massive update https://t.co/84YiyDo2Qr— Ed Glogowski (@edyg023) August 22, 2020Here’s the changelog of the new Remote Desktop UWP Client: Rewrote the client to use the same underlying RDP core engine as the iOS, macOS, and Android clients.
Added support for the Azure Resource Manager-integrated version of Windows Virtual Desktop.
Added support for x64 and ARM64.
Updated the side panel design to work with the full screen.
Added support for light and dark modes.
Added functionality to subscribe and connect to sovereign cloud deployments.
Added functionality to enable backup and restore of workspaces (bookmarks) in release to manufacturing (RTM).
Updated functionality to use existing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tokens during the subscription process to reduce the number of times users must sign in.
Updated subscription can now detect whether you’re using Windows Virtual Desktop or Windows Virtual Desktop (classic).
Fixed issue with copying files to remote PCs.
Fixed commonly reported accessibility issues with buttons.

Stable Version Of UWP Remote Desktop Client Tool Expected Soon?

The latest version of Windows 10 Remote Desktop App UWP Client is currently available only to the participants of the Windows Insider Program.
The UWP variant of the Remote Desktop application can be downloaded from the official Microsoft Store.
Microsoft rewrites Remote Desktop UWP app – https://t.co/78AucwiSup pic.twitter.com/TRWuW7qdc7— MSPoweruser (@mspoweruser) August 21, 2020It is not clear when the stable version of the UWP Remote Desktop Client Tool would become available to regular users of Windows 10 OS.
Microsoft has urged those enrolled in Insider testing for apps to test the program and report any problems.

If the Windows Insider participants do not report any major issues

the latest update of the UWP Remote Desktop Client Tool, with the additional functions, should be delivered to all other users in the next few weeks.
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Tech Plastics (UDCT) and a Windows enthusiast.
Optimizing the OS, exploring software, searching and deploying solutions to strange and weird issues is Alap’s main interest.
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