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/ 9:17 am Wed Trailer of Dune

/ 9:17 am Wed Trailer of Dune

/ 9:17 am Wed Trailer of Dune.
Looking forward to this one.

You surely know what Dune is all about

but if not, well, few are the fools who would attempt to explain it in a paragraph.
The only way to catch up is to buy the entire six-book series (even after all this time, there are only six Dune books!) and […] SHARE / TWEET / 1 COMMENTS.
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2017 New Dune movie will take no cues from Lynch”s version

David Lynch”s Dune, though unsuccessful in theaters, has gained a more positive reputation over the years for its spectacular visuals and memorable one-liners.
But Denis Villeneuve.

Directing a new movie of Frank Herbert”s SF classic

says he”ll be taking pains not to let it influence his own vision.
From an interview with Yahoo: “David Lynch […] SHARE / TWEET / 117 COMMENTS.
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2017 Arrival”s Denis Villeneuve to direct Dune remake

Hot off filming Ted Chiang”s Story of Your Life to great acclaim and Blade Runner II, .

Denis Villeneuve is tackling the great white whale of screen science-fiction: Dune

Brian Herbert, son of author Frank Herbert, tweeted the news last night.
It”s official — Legendary Pictures has signed the very talented Denis Villeneuve to direct the […] SHARE / TWEET / 70 COMMENTS.

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